20 Peoples died due to crash between Bus and Fuel tanker in Pakistan

On Monday, In Multan , Pakistan a passenger bus and fuel tanker crashed . Till now 20 peoples have been died . Died people number can be excced ,because so many highly wounded persons are serious .


Multan estate is 350km far away from the biggest estate Lahore in Punjab. According to Police, during the accident there was heavy rainfall, and  bus speed was very high because  of this  accident happen. The route was closed after the accident for many hours. Road accidents in Pakistan have become frequent because of the damaged road , improper management ,overspeeding. The main reason behind the accident is overspeeding.



 Hard to Identify Dead Bodies 

Rescue team says that , after the crash both bus and tanker started burning . Passengers burn live.  dead bodies are difficult  identify . Bodies has been taken for the DNA test after this they will handover to their families.   

Rescue team and Fire team faced difficulties during  saving the people .Wounded peoples are admitted to the Nishtar hospital of Multan. They condition is serious. The innocent people died because of the carelessnes of driver and management. Administration should look after this accidents and prevent them from happening. 

Chief minister expresses Mourn

Chief Minister of punjab state  express mourn. He also ordered  that wounded people should get better treatment and   said to Administration  to handover the dead bodies after their DNA test.  He said that financial aid to be provided to dead,s  family.

Similar incident took place few days ago

On 13 august ,similar incident took place in Punjab state in which the truck and passenger bus crashed ,in which aroud 13 peoples were died  and remaining were wounded.  18 passenegers  were travelling in the bus.

The truck driver ran away from the accident spot. There was heavy ranifall during the accident.

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