Apple unveils trailer for Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi film “Finch,” featuring Tom Hanks

Apple TV+  has released the trailer for its forthcoming new feature film, “Finch,” which stars Tom Hanks. Hanks is the character ‘Finch”, the last person living in a post-apocalyptic future and with only the company of a dog. 

In the fear of his death, Finch builds a robot to take care of the dog, rather than leaving it to its own. The group sets out to find a more secure location to live in.

“Finch” was initially called “BIOS” and was originally planned to be released on the big screen by Universal in the year 2000. But the outbreak that caused disruption in cinemas resulted in BIOS being removed from the program. After a series of backlogs, the game was eventually sold to Apple in the spring of this year to launch an original streaming title.

Apple has changed the title of the film to “Finch”. It will premiere in its streaming services on 5 November.

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Here’s the synopsis from Apple: “In ‘ Finch,’ a human as well as a robot and dog form a family in an enthralling and emotional tale of a man’s struggle to ensure the dog he loves will be well-cared for when the time comes for him to go. Hanks is the lead character Finch who is a robotics engineer who is the only survivor of the cataclysmic solar event that has made the planet in ruins. However, Finch who has been living in a underground bunker for the past decade, has created an entire world of his own which is shared with his dog Goodyear. He has created a robot that is that is played by Jones and his dog, to look after Goodyear even though he no longer is able to. While the three embark on a dangerous journey through the bleak American West, Finch will do his best to show his creation who goes by the name of Jeff as Jeff, the pleasure and joy of what it means to live in the present. The road trip they take is filled with both humor and challenges It’s as challenging to Jeff to persuade Jeff as well as Goodyear coexist like it was for Goodyear to deal with the risks of the modern world. 


Apple has given a release date for the second of two Tom Hanks films it acquired during the pandemic. Finch, a futuristic tale about a reclusive inventor and his canine and robot road buddies, hits Apple TV+ on November 5th. Like Hanks’ war movie Greyhound before it, the film became a casualty of the pandemic, mired by release date delays until Apple swooped in to acquire it from Universal. The robot (pictured above) is played by Caleb Landry Jones, fresh off a best actor win at Cannes.

Hanks plays the titular character, an ailing robotics engineer who emerges from his self-imposed underground exile to journey across a desolate American wasteland. Along for the ride are his dog, Goodyear, and an android who names himself Jeff. Together, they make a dysfunctional family, but can they learn to get along? I guess we’ll have to wait till November to find out.


Finch is also loaded with offscreen talent. The good-natured sci-fi flick is directed by Emmy-winning Game of Thrones lead Miguel Sapochnik, with Alien scribe Ivor Powell and newcomer Craig Luck on screenwriting duties. While director Robert Zemeckisserves as an exec-producer and the film hails from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, which may explain why the plot gives off major Cast Away and AI vibes.

The November release date also signals Apple’s possible confidence in the film’s awards chances. Either that or it’s just looking to add a major movie to its fall line-up, which is already stocked with big hitters like sci-fi series

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