At the age of 35, this couple became maternal grandparents, 17-year-old daughter became mother, strange case

At the age of 35, this couple became maternal grandparents, 17-year-old daughter became mother, strange case

On hearing the name of ‘grand mom – grand father , the thought of elderly couple comes to our mind. Because, often people get this title in old age and it is a very happy moment for someone. But, one such case has come to light from UK, which has shocked everyone. Here at the age of just 35, a couple has become a maternal grandmother. Because, recently his 17-year-old daughter has given birth to a baby girl. Alam is that this matter has become a matter of discussion and some people are even chatting on it. So come, know what is the whole matter?

At the age of 35, this couple became maternal grandparents, 17-year-old daughter became mother, strange case
According to the information, Charmen, the 17-year-old daughter of 35-year-old Richard and 33-year-old Jenny Medlam, living in Hull, UK, has recently given birth to a daughter. After which Richard and Jenny have become the UK’s youngest grandparents. All of them have named the innocent baby girl Isla-Me. It is a very happy moment for the elderly to become grandparents. On hearing the words grandparents and maternal grandparents, an old face starts coming in the mind. Generally only old people are able to see their grandchildren. But a UK couple has broken this notion.

At the age of 35, they have become a maternal grandmother. According to a news published in the English newspaper Daily Mail, the 17-year-old daughter of 34-year-old Jenny Medlam and her 35-year-old husband Richard, living in Hull, Britain, Charmaine recently I have given birth to a girl child (17 year old mother). The girl’s name is Isla-May and she was born in June this year. Jenny told that when her daughter was 16 years old, she informed that she was pregnant. Then she and Richard were a little surprised but respected the decision of their daughter who wanted to have a child. Jenny told that Charmen and her partner have been together for two years and now after having a child, they all live together. Apart from Charmen, 13-year-old Chelsea and 10-year-old Scarlett are also Jenny’s daughters.

Now the whole family is living together. According to the report, Jenny’s daughters are very happy to become aunts. She said that she will also help Charmen financially so that she can take care of her daughter well. Jenny said- “People think that it is not right to be a mother or a maternal grandmother at a young age, but this thinking is wrong. Even after becoming a mother, a woman’s life does not end and by becoming a maternal grandmother at a young age, you can spend more time with your grandchildren. We hope that now we will see our great-grandson or great-granddaughter too.”Grandparents are very happy with the baby. Actually, this couple has adopted Charmen.

When Charmen told that she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 2 years and is going to be a mother. So Jenny and Richard decided to support their daughter. After this, 17-year-old Charmen gave birth to a daughter in June 2021. Jenny and Richard are very happy with their granddaughter and spend a lot of time with her. For the time being, this matter remains the subject of discussion. But, Richard and Jenny don’t care what people think?

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