Best Gfx Tool For PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Play no lag Pubg and Bgmi.

What is gfx tool and best gfx tool for PUBG and BGMI.

Gfx tool is a free and paid software or a utility launcher for enhancing the specific games. Which help to fully customize the graphics of a particular game to get smooth game play and better picture quality in that particular game.

No lag pubg gfx and bgmi gfx.

Pubg is one of the most popular mobile games of all the time. Pubg is a revolution in mobile gaming. In starting Pubg run on most of the low end devices but with time new updates rollout and game becomes big in size. So now a days most of the low end devices face lag issue while playing pubg in their phone so for no lag pubg and bgmi we should use Gfx tool.


How to play lag free PUBG/BGMI.

The best answer of this question is to buy good devices or costly mobile phones. But not everyone will able to afford costly phone so here we come with some best gfx tool to play pubg lag free in your mobile phone .

Best Gfx Tools For PUBG/BGMI.

1. GFX Tool for PUBG – Game Launcher & Optimizer

gfx tool for pubg mobile

Gfx tool for PUBG – game launcher and optimizer has more than 11 million downloads on play store and this is one of the most popular and free pubg gfx tool to play lag free game in your devices.

App Features for Gfx tool for PUBG.

  • It helps to change resolution according to your device.
  • If your device is high end device but your graphics were not unlocked it helps to unload HDR graphics and All the level of fps available in your mobile phone.
  • You get full control on your game like Anti-analising and shadows.
  • All versions of game were supported in this gfx tool.

How to use Gfx tool for Pubg – Game launcher and Optimizer.

  • First close the game if it is already running in background before starting the GFX tool
  • Choose the version of your game like if you are playing BGMI then select bgmi and if you are playing PUBG kr select it.
  • Customize your game graphics resolution according to your self or according to your devide compatibility.
  • After doing all the desired settings, Click on Accept and Run game.

2. PGT Free 馃敡: GFX & Optimizer

Cover art
PGT free is a free version of PGT Gfx & optimizer which is also a popular between gfx users to play pubg. Pgt free gfx app help to optimize fps unique features like simple shaders and potato graphics.
PGT Free : Gfx & Optimizer features
  • Able to customize basic and advance graphics.
  • Most popular feature is Potato graphics for better gameplay in low end devices.
  • Helps to change reslutions.
  • Able to unlock all the fps level available in your mobile phone.

Permissions required to use PGT free : Gfx & Optimizer tool.

  • Allow storage permission for applying and backing up graphics setting in background.
  • Internet setting for Loading gfx tool data from the sever.
  • Kill background app for boosting phone memory.

3. FlashDog – GFX Tool

Cover art

Flash dog gfx tool is designed for fps mobile games like pubg mobile bgmi. which supports customization in graphics settings. Helps in unlocking maximum Fps limit and much more useful gfx options.
Flash Dog – Gfx tool features.
  • In this gfx tool you were able to set the optimal resolution for the game
  • Able to choose the HDR graphics which is supported for your device.
  • Able to unlock maximum FPS limit and customization of shadows

Use tutorial

  • If you are first time flash dog gfx tool user then you have been recommended to use reset screen.
  • For first time gfx user for pubg or bgmi recommended using CPU-based Gfx.
  • It mostly supports all the game version’s available like Global pubg, CN, Lite . KR, VN, TW, BETA.
  • This gfx tool is 100% safe and free to use and risk free from banning your account.

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