BGMI 1.6.5 October Update Confirm Dates and Patch Notes : bgmi 1.6.5 update

All About BGMI October 1.6.5 Update

BGMI is a battleground game and its popularity is increasing continuously. It downloads cross 50+ million on the play store. It will feature many old modes like Runic Power, Zombie mode, Payload 2.0, and Infection mode. Some of these modes are going to be available in the classic section like Runic Power. Other modes like Infection mode and Payload 2.0 will be available in the arcade section.

bgmi 1.65 update

1. Metro Royale: Reunion 

The metro royal mode comes on September 28. In this mode, you can bring items you found during the game to the loadout inventory. You can sell the items and get the metro coins. You can also use previous match items in the next battle. With the metro royal cash, you can buy special items. Metro Royal comes with three maps and in these maps, there are many types of mode like Basic mode, Undercover mode, Advanced mode and Assult mode.

2. Vikendi 

The wait of Vikendi lovers are over in October 1.6.5 update. Vikendi is a white snow-covered map and its size is 6*6km. Snowmobile is one of the best vehicle in Vikendi and G36C is a very powerful gun that arrives only in Vikendi.

3. Runic Power

runic power 1.65

Runic power is a previous update mode but it is the favorite mode of most players that’s why the BGMI developers given this mode back. This mode is available on October 15. In this mode, you can choose one of the runes namely the Wind, Flames or Ice at the Spawn Island.

4. Survive Till Dawn 

Survive Till Dawn will come on October 22. In this mode, Infected zombies will appear in Erangel. You can fight with bosses and get the various items in return.

5. Payload 2.0

Payload 2.0 will come on October 31. In this mode, helicopters and cars are now equipped with super weapons and new super weapons are added. The new cutting-edge technology such as Man-portal radar, Bomb suit and UAV control terminal are coming. You can also recall your teammate after your he/she die.

6. Virus Infection – Halloween

Another exciting mode coming with the 1.6.5 update is the Virus Infection mode. There are three rounds in the mode in which zombies and players fight against each other. Zombies have an extraordinary power with which they can infect players to turn into zombies. Players have to defend themselves against zombie attacks with their weapons

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