BGMI Download ios After ban: bgmi ios download without app store, battleground mobile India ios download

BGMI Download ios After ban:

BGMI is a battleground game and its popularity is increasing continuously. It downloads cross 100+ million on the app Store. In present time the pubg and bgmi size becomes bigger day by day and it is the main reason of lagging. There are many ways to fix lag in pung but after the update of version 2.1 things are becoming complicated. Some people have higher devices but most people have lower devices like 30-40 FPS( Frame Per Second). Some people use the GFX tools and Flashdog but sometimes it’s not working properly and that’s why people use the 90 fps config file for a better gaming experience.

Reason Behind the BGMI not showing in Appstore

Sometimes your system it not comparable for the latest version on the game. Because the game needs high level device.

So, System Not Update is the one of the reason of removing the BGMI from appstore.

  1. Not a Beta Test
  2. Slow Internet
  3. Insufficient Storage
  4. Cache Issue
  5. Krafton Release Update
  6. System Not Update
  7. Google Play Libraries Are Of Old Version

These are some major reasons of removing bgmi from app store.

battleground mobile India ios download

There are many ways of getting bgmi back in ios. So, you can follow these steps and get bgmi back in your ios devices—

  • firstly you should restart your ios device.
  • Then go to the app store and click on accounts setting.

  • Then click on your apple ID.

  • Now you can see the country and Region option there.

  • click on this option and select the Singapore country.

  • Now click on the agree button.

  • Now you can see four columns like this—

  • You can write hello in both first and second column.
  • The third column need a postcode so write 520110.

  • The fourth column need phone number.
  • Now you can click on done button and go back on app store.
  • After this process wait for some time and you can see BGMI on your app store.

Another Option by Recent apps

If the above option not working for you then you have to do some simple steps.

Bgmi ios download without app store

step 1 : First restart you phone.

Step 2 : Open app store then open the account settings then you have to select purchase option.

Step 3 : Search BGMI on the search option you will able to get the app for download.

I hope all of this steps work for you to download bgmi in mobile phone.

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