BGMI is going to ban permanently in India. New Statement by Government officials.

BGMI is going to ban permanently in India.

BGMI permanent ban

Battlegrounds mobile India is a Mobile game which is banned by Indian government on 28th July 2022. In result of ban BGMI is removed from play store and app store. BGMI is a version of PUBG mobile game which is a multiplayer battle royale game in which 100 players play together to get chicken dinner. ping mobile is banned in India in 2020 for the security reasons. But the developer of company krafton launched the game again with nee name and new sponsor in India.

But after almost one year Indian government again finds this game suspicious and says this game is a big threat for Data and information security for the country.

Reason Behind BGMI Ban in India.

Indian government ban BGMI according to the section 69A for security reasons. And a new statement from government says that BGMI is a big cyber threat for India’ statement by government officials.

Apps like bgmi are harmful for country sovereignty and integrity and they pose a significant threat to the country’s national security infrastructure .These were the statement by Indian Government officials about BGMI.

Is there any chance BGMI is going to comeback?

There are very less chances that BGMI is going to unbanned in India. Because the main reason behind is security of country and nothing comes before the country’s security. But still BGMI have 14 days to prove that they were completely safe and no security problems were causing because of them. If bgmi official’s were able to prove they were completely not playing with user data and security of the country then there is some chances that BGMI is going to unban in India and comes again on Play Store and app Store officials.





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