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bgmi lite

After the ban of the PUBG mobile in India Pubg lite is also banned but in July 2022 Pubg is launched again in India with the name of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). But the fans of Pubg lite who were also waiting for the Bgmi lite in India were completely disappointed with the no launch of Bgmi lite.

Bgmi lite is going to be the lower version of the BGMI with the same guns same vehicles. There is also royal pass in the bgmi lite with the name of the winner pass but still there is no release date for the bgmi lite and everyone is waiting for the release date of the bgmi lite game.

The main difference between the Bgmi Lite and BGMI is that bgmi is made for high end devices with superb quality of graphics and real audio settings. But on the other hands bgmi lite is made for low end devices with low graphics but the main thing is that both game were preety similar.

How to Download Bgmi Lite 2022 ?

bgmi lite

If you want to download the bgmi lite you have to go to playstore and search for the bgmi lite. If there is game available on the play store you were able to download the game very easily. But bgmi lite is still not released in the India.

Download link of Bgmi lite?

There is no download link is available for the bgmi lite till now but when the download link of the game is available you were able to download the game from here. When the link of the game is available everyone who is waiting for the bgmi lite release date were very happy to see the game. Because Lite version of bgmi is also as famous as the Bgmi main version of the game.

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