BGMI Lite Download Link : Release date of BGMI lite and how to download bgmi lite

BGMI lite Release date

BGMI lite is one of the most popular game in India. BGMI lite is a game which is loved by every gamer who has low end devices.

Recently from 18th June 2021 BGMI main version of game is publicly available for everyone. But before the release of BGMI main version of game on 29th April 2021 PUBG lite disconnected it’s server’s from India. and every lover of BGMI lite is suffering but now wait is over.

Recently rumor’s coming out that release date of BGMI lite is very close and everyone is able to play bgmi lite again. And able to make their squad’s and doing chicken dinner’s in BGMI lite version of game.

And expected Release date of BGMI lite in India is 28th July 2021 but nothing is confirmed by the official’s of BGMI Lite. May be 28th July 2021 is the BGMI lite launch date in India.

BGMI lite Apk Download

BGMI lite is soon launching in India and everyone is waiting to play BGMI lite in their phone. When game is publicly available your can easily able to download BGMI lite from tap tap and playstore.

Bgmi lite logo

Like BGMI main game information of BGMI lite release date and download link of bgmi lite is available on official website of BGMI lite. If you want to see any future notification and news related to bgmi lite visit the official website of BGMI lite.

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BGMI lite Pre-registration

Like the official version of BGMI, may be we were going to see pre-registration of BGMI lite on playstore before the official release of BGMI lite. Those who pre-register the game were able to get early access to play bgmi lite and become tester of BGMI lite.

BGMI lite is soon launching in India but if your want to downlaod and play BGMI lite before everyone else then you should. Follow these steps to get the game before every one else.

  • Subscribe the Official youtube channel of BGMI India.
  • Put your game on auto download on playstore or on tap-tap when game is available for pre-registration.
  • Don’t forget to pre-register bgmi lite on playstore when it is available there

Steps to Download BGMI lite APK

Here are some basic steps to download Bgmi lite Apk.

Step 1 :- For downloading BGMI lite apk you should first open the playstore in your android phone or App store in Iphone.

Step 2 :- After Opening playstore or app store in your phone go to search bar.

Step 3 :- Search BGMI lite on search bar of playstore.

Step 4 :- Click on the first option which appear after search results outcome.

Step 5 :- After opening BGMI lite from search click on the Install button appear there.

Step 6 :- After downloading completed then click on Play button which appears on the place of Download.

Step 7 :- Now open your BGMI lite apk and enjoy playing bgmi lite in your mobile phones.


BGMI lite is soon launching in India and i hope game is available soon for public to download and enjoy the gameplay of bgmi lite.


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