Biggboss 15 : Kushal Tandon calls Karan Kundrra a ‘janaani’ for age-shaming Shamita Shetty

Kushal Tandon calls Karan Kundrra a ‘janaani’ for age-shaming Shamita Shetty;

Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 15 just started on TV and within a week, it has started grabbing everyone’s eyeballs. Bigg Boss 15 has started off in a rather eventful note. In a span of two days, we have seen some dirty fights in the house. Pratik Sehajpal has been in the centre of the matter. In the latest episode of BB 15, Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehajpal engaged in a heated argument, in which they abused each other a lot. Notably, in the verbal spat, Jay Bhanushali called himself bigger than Pratik Sehajpal. Well, his comments didn’t go down well with Pratik fans, including his supporter and former Bigg Boss 13 contestant Devoleena Bhattacharjee. She took to Twitter and lashed out at Jay Bhanushali in a series of tweets.

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Devoleena wrote, “Well I missed few things last nite. I feel we can’t assume things seeing just the highlights. Karan Kundrra in a situational misunderstanding was complaining to Nishant Bhat about Shamita and called her ‘aunty’. The age-shaming of Shamita Shetty by Karan Kundrra in Bigg Boss 15 seems to be the most discussed things on social media so far. In the heat of the moment, Karan Kundrra ended up saying ‘Aunty Ko Samjha Dena’. This happened after he heard Shamita Shetty calling them classless. Karan Kundrra got a lot of flak from Shamita Shetty’s fans and others on social media. Kashmera Shah, Neha Bhasin and Shamita’s mom Sunanda also said that this needs to stop.

Now, some fans are sharing some screenshots of what looks like a social media spat between Kushal Tandon and Prince Narula on the matter. The authenticity of the tweets cannot be guaranteed as it looks like both decided to delete them and move on. Akshara Singh called her ‘aunty’ many times and her mother’s age.  Once again the comment was made on Shamita’s age, where the fans got angry with the actress. However, now Karan also regrets that such a thing came out of his mouth in the hot summer atmosphere.  Karan Kundrra has now apologized to Shamita Shetty and settled the matter.

Kushal Tandon has also taken Karan Kundra’s class.  Kushal Tandon Twitter slammed Karan Kundra on his Twitter handle and wrote, ‘Abe Karan Kundra, tu Janani Hai. Shamita ko age shame kar raha hai ?  Aur bro tum kitne saal ke ho ?  37 saal ke , Pagle..Get Well Soon..’ However, Kushal Tandon later deleted his tweet. Not only this, Kushal also corrects Kamya Panjabi, who was seen supporting Karan in her tweets. However, her tweets were directed towards Karan and Pratik. While, Kamya wrote, “Yo Kundraaaaaaaa go for it”, Kushal replied, “Baby you are supporting a wrong gurl , not a real man , he cant digest that he was hosting a show in which a guy was is student and now his contender true as fu*k”

Narula reportedly tweeted reminding Kushal Tandon that he has forgotten how he treated Tanishaa Mukerji in his season. He also reportedly said that Janani cannot be used as an insult as a man comes into this world from a woman. He also asked him to say these things in front of Karan Kundra and see his reaction. We don’t know whether the tweets actually happened or not but surely these two people are setting the stage of Bigg Boss 15 on fire. The behavior of Karan Kundrra has been decent anyway, whatever the situation in which he has been, he has maintained his dignity.  But sometimes circumstances test even the strongest of will and character.  Karan Kundrra apologizing to Shamita reinforces the fact that for her conduct comes first.  Being in the game is another thing for an actor.  Shamita too graciously accepted the apology and both have resolved their differences. Everything is fine between Karan Kundrra and Shamita Shetty.

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