C3S7 M14 Royale Pass BGMI : C3S7 M14 Royale Pass Release date in BGMI.

C3S7 M14 Royale Pass of  BGMI is releasing on 20th August 2022. BGMI is one of the most famous and popular mobile game worldwide. BGMI is one of the most popular mobile game which is released in 2018 and it is so popular all over the world. C3S7 M14 Royale Pass going to release in august 20  2022.

Cycle 3 Season 7 Month 14 Royale Pass Details BGMI

The ongoing Month 13 Royale Pass is regular to finish on 19 August. When that the RP can get barred for many hours. this may change the developers to unharness the forthcoming Month 14 Royale depart this world 20 August. The Month 14 Royale Pass available getable in 2 variants. Where as the popular Elite Pass may be obtained for 360 UC and 960 UC. There is a discount of 60 UC for older players. This is very intresting feature, when you purchase RP first time then you get 60 UC discount on your next RP purchase.

According to the rumors there are total 4 to 5 outfits and masks. There are many new gun skins, vehicle and parachute skins also. There is Royal Aurum Set together with Royal Aurum Cover in c3s7 month 14 royal pass. This is very cool outfit. You can max out your RP in stating time in just 8000 UC. You get many cool features after purchase 50 RP in bulk.

C3S7 Month 14 RP Upcoming Rewards

RP Rank 1: Emerald Leaf PP-Bizon together with Emerald Leaf Outfit.

RP Rank 5: Emerald Leaf Cover.

RP Rank 10: Gilded Flower backpack skin.

RP Rank 15: RP Avatar together with Street Dance Emote.

RP Rank 20: Exclusive Stun Grenade together with an Exclusive Parachute.
RP Rank 23: Nightfarer Cover.
RP Rank 25: Nightfarer Set.
RP Rank 30: M14 Exclusive Boat Finish together with an Exclusive Emote.
RP Rank 35: Blazing Rose S1897.
RP Rank 40: Golden Feather MK47.
RP Rank 45: Month 14 Mythic mask.
RP Rank 50: Royal Aurum Set together with Royal Aurum Cover.

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