Cano Crystals : This river changes color in every season, you will be stunned to know the reason !!!

This river changes color in every season, you will be stunned to know the reason !!!

It is said that everyone gives up in front of the mystery of nature, because till date no one has known or understood it. Even today there are many such places on earth where unique forms of nature are found. Nature leaves no chance to surprise us. Sometimes the 7 colors of the rainbow splash in the sky with rain, and sometimes the expressions of the sun and the moon make our style poetic. Today we are going to tell you all about one such river , In which water of five colors flows. The name of this river is Cano Crystals. Usually the color of the river water is blue or white. If the strong rays of the sun are falling on it, then their ax can also be seen. If the darkness has around or the water is dirty, then the color of the water of the river may also appear to be black. However, there is such a river in the continent of South America, Columbia, whose water shows 5 colors. The specialty of this river is that it changes its color with every season.

cano cristales

This river sometimes flows in yellow, sometimes green, sometimes red and sometimes blue and sometimes black. Due to flowing in so many colors, this river is also called River of Five Colors, so it is also known by another name Liquid Rainbow. It is the center of attraction for tourists and looks very beautiful. The name of this river is Cano Cristales, which is a Spanish word. In English it means Crystal Channel. At first no one believes when this river has so many colors and when one believes in this charisma of nature, then the question arises that how does this river change color. Let’s answer this too. There is a plant in the Cano Crystals river named Macarania clavigera, due to which its color keeps changing.

If this plant gets certain water or certain sunlight in a particular season, then its color becomes light or dark red. The most visible color in this river is red. The reason for this is the presence of a special type of plant called Macarinia clavigera in the river surface here. As soon as the sunlight falls on this plant, the stream above it becomes dry red.

cano cystales

On the basis of slow and fast light, the color of this plant is reflected on the water of the river. All the adulterated colors ranging from purple to bright red are visible at different times of the day. Apart from this, the other four colors are also visible due to such different effects. Like river water is naturally blue. If there are black rocks under the water, then due to green sand and yellow algae (a kind of living plant), the river appears in different colors together with the rays of the sun.

The fall of different sizes of waterfalls present on it in the river increases the beauty manifold. Believe me, seeing the river, your breath will stop for a few seconds. People coming to see the river do not want to realize this beauty only from a distance, so there is also a system of swimming in it. The government here has also made arrangements to go to the bottom of this river. Another specialty of this river is that there is no wild animal in it.
The reason for this is the presence of solid rocks in the lower part of the river. Actually, life is not possible for wild animals because of these rocks. This river, 62 miles long and 65 miles wide, is the most favorite place for photographers. Even after spending a week on the banks of the river, your mind will want to stay here again and again.

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