Carter Movie Review : Carter full Movie Download in High Quality

Carter full Movie Download in High Quality

You’ve come to the right spot if you are looking to Carter full movie. This page contains all information about downloading Carter full movie. In this website you can get all information about new upcoming movies. Carter is a South Korean action thriller movie. This movie is directed by Jung Byung-gil. The actor is Joo Won in the title role with Lee Sung-jae, Jeong So-ri and Kim Bo-min. The film revolves around an amnesiac agent who is thrown into the middle of a mysterious mission. It was released by Netflix on August 5, 2022.

Carter Movie Storyline

In the midst of a deadly pandemic caused by a virus which makes the infected patients. Violent and zombie-like, originating from the DMZ that has already devastated the United States and North Korea, a man wakes up in a blood-soaked bed in a motel room in Seoul, with a cross-shaped scar on the back of his head. A female voice inside his ear which only he can hear, tells him that his name is Carter and he needs to follow her instructions if he wants to live.

Inside a van of NIS agents, the female voice reveals that she is Han Jung-hee who works for North Korea’s Labor Party, On the way to a lab in North Korea, Ha-na went missing and was presumed to have been kidnapped by CIA. When Carter questions his identity and why he is engaged in this mission, he is told that he is a South Korean-born naturalized citizen of North Korea who has decided to take part in the mission to save his infected daughter.

While Ha-na is in the position of military coup and General Kim convinces Jung-hee to join the coup, Carter escapes from Kim’s soldiers who try to kill him. Carter learns that Jung-hee is his wife and shoots Kim who threatens Jung-hee with a gun. After fighting against the infected patients and Kim’s soldiers, they escape the facility on a jeep. Carter remembers that he agreed on this mission in exchange of his family’s freedom of and it was he who suggested to block his memories to ensure that he can’t betray the North.

Carter Movie Cast

  • Joo Won                                                               Carter Lee / Michael Bane
  • Lee Sung-jae                                                        Kim Jong-hyuk
  • Jeong So-ri                                                           Han Jung-hee
  • Kim Bo-min                                                         Jung Ha-na
  • Byeon Seo-yun                                                    Choi Yu-jin
  • Jung Jae-young                                                    Jung Byung-ho
  • Jung Hae-kyun                                                     Kim Dong-gyu
  • Camilla Belle                                                       Agnes
  • Mike Colter                                                          Smith

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