Chenab Rail Bridge : World’s Highest Bridge in India is going to be open in December,2022

The full name of bridge is Chenab Rail Bridge .

It is a concrete and  steel arch bridge constructed between Bakkal and Reasi district fo Jammu and Kashmir.

Dimensions of Chenab Bridge

Length         :                 4134ft (1315m)

Height         :                 1178ft (359m)

Spans           :                 17      

Material       :                 Concrete   and Steel 

Inaugration on 13 August,2022

Opening in December,2022

On 13 August,2022 the last span of the bridge launched . The construction of the bridge started during the tenure of Late ex Primeminster  Atal Bihari Vajapyee Ji  in 2002. Due to Security and other reasons its construction was stopped in 2008. After that its construction was restarted in 2010  and now it is at its last phase.

Now ,let us know about some of its unique features.

Importance from the viewpoint  of Army  

Because of the daily crisis in Kashmir valley the bridge is very important for the Transportation of Indian Army. From this Bridge with Train the Army can easily Travel from one end to another. Chenab Railway Bridge does the work to join the Rail line made between the Katra of Jammu to Banihal of Kashmir . This bridge is a part of Udhampur-Baramula Train link project.

Five times taller than the Qutub Minar and Unbeatable Model of Engineering



World’s tallest bridge arch is very high from the river. This bridge is built on Chenab river. This bridge is 35 metres  high than the Eiffel Tower and Five times higher than the Qutub minar.  This bridge is the biggest achievement for railway engineers. Around 120 years the bridge will not get any damage .

Indian Railways 272 Kilometres  “Udhamour-katra-kanjigud-baramula”(USBRL) national Train Project’s main aim is to link kashmir valley to the rest of the India.

Not any harm from Earthquakes and Blasts

Earthquakes can not even  harm this bridge. This Rail Bridge has capacity to stand after the blasts of 40 kg TNT  and Earthquakes upto  8 ritcher scale also can not damage this unique bridge. Even after blasts the train can run  with the speed of 30 km/hr. These are the some good features of this  Unique Bridge.

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