Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 1 : “Long, Long Way from Home” Review and Storyline.

“Long, Long Way from Home” Episode 1 Cobra Kai

In the Episode 1 of Cobra Kai season 5 : After the All-Valley tournament ends in the season 4 of the Cobra Kai there is new rivalry started, and Terry Silver goes on an expansion spree of Cobra Kai by opening their flagship dojo in Encino and the story completely took new move.  Meanwhile, Amanda is miffed with Daniel’s decision to bring in Chozen to stop Terry Silver as it impacts their marriage and reneges the deal Daniel struck with Cobra Kai and many other things started happening in the Story.

While Johnny sets off to Mexico to find Miguel ( Who leaves his home alone to Mexico)  along with Robby, who is displeased with the aim of their bonding trip with his Dad. Miguel is conned off his savings on reaching Mexico and has a heated argument with Sam on the phone and then story continue. He ends up finding his biological father who he want’s to find, currently Hector Salazar, who is biological father of Miguel now married to another woman and has a 5-year-old son names Luis.

Now Robby is also completely changed and decides to drop off the idea of returning home and started helping Johnny to take down the scammer’s who conned Miguel and try to scam him and now they were planning to do the same with him. Daniel announces the closure the of Miyagi-Do to fulfill the deal, greatly upsetting Sam. He goes with Chozen to the Encino dojo, where Chozen immediately recognizes Terry Silver’s sensei as Kim Sun-Yung based on his moves.

It is revealed that Sato Toguchi was dismissive of the style of Tang Soo-Do Kim Sun-Yung taught to the American soldiers during the Korean War, as it was based on the tenets of “No Honor, No Mercy.” Daniel then concocts a plan with Chozen to expose Terry’s true maniacal nature to his students and the Valley. As a part of the plan, Chozen goes to the Cobra Kai dojo posing as a local sensei, along with multiple other senseis from other dojos, who have come to give their auditions for becoming a Cobra Kai sensei. Miguel ends up saving Luis from a speeding van and is invited by Hector to stay with them as a guest.

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