Difference Between Iphone 13 and Iphone 14 : New apple iphone 14 details

Comparison Between Iphone 13 and Iphone 14 : New apple iphone 14

Iphone 14 is going to launch soon and every one is waiting eagerly for this new Iphone. According to the  rumors the release date of iphone 14 is 7 September 2022. Iphone users were disappointed  with the iphone 13 because there were not that much changes in iphone 13 in compare to the iphone 12 but there are so many huge changes this time. Apple is going to surprise everyone with these new changes of iphone 14. Last year iphone 13 launched in mid of September on 17. This year’s apple event is also going to be happen in mid of September.

Difference Between Iphone 13 and Iphone 14 ?

According to the rumors there are many small and big differences  in iphone 14. Some of  differences are explained here but they are just rumors.

1. Difference between iphone 14 and ipone 13 Models

As we all know that iphone mini series like 12 and 13 mini are flop series. Iphone mini models were not sold too much that why many rumors said new iphone 14 is coming without mini series. If this rumor come true that means there are no iphone 14 mini models. Mini series cover only 5-10 percent sale. And we can also see new model iphone 14 max in exchange iphone 14 mini.

2. Difference between iphone 14 and ipone 13 Design

Iphone 12 and iphone 13 are very different but this time i think there are not much changes in design in iphone 14. But according to some rumors there is a smaller notch and a slightly different camera arrangement. While early leaks claimed the iPhone fourteen might ditch the notch that’s been around for many years

3. Difference between iphone 14 and ipone 13 price

Going by previous generations the bottom iPhone 14 may begin at $799 just like the iPhone thirteen, and therefore the reported iPhone 14 max may select $100 a lot of at $899.

According to the rumorsand previous update iPhone 14 pro and iphone 14 pro max would are $999 and $1,099 begin costs severally, similar to their iPhone thirteen counterparts. However, one rumor currently says each pro models can value another $100 over the last generation.

4. Difference between iphone 14 and ipone 13 Processor

according to Digitimes (opens in new tab)   Iphone 14 is also comes with the A15 bionic chip but this time it comes with an upgrade from the 5nm A15 Bionic. However, within the same report Digitimes notes that Apple partner TSMC is moving to a replacement N4P method, that relies on 5nm. however even this improvement is tipped for associate 11 performance boost and 20 second gain in power potency.

5. Difference between iphone 14 and ipone 13 Touch ID

A number of rumors have pointed to Apple probably giving in-display touch ID with the iPhone 14, which might provide individuals a viable different to Face ID. however from the ideas and rumors we’ve detected since, it feels like bit ID could be a no-go once more for the most recent flagship iPhone.

6. Difference between iphone 14 and ipone 13 Camera

According to the rumors Apple analyst Min-Chi Kuo says that iphone 14 could jump from a 12MP main sensor on the iPhone 13 to a 48MP wide camera on the iPhone 14 pro. There are many myths that says that iphone 14 camera would still trail the 108MP sensor in the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

7. Difference between iphone 14 and ipone 13 5G

The iphone 13 is the best 5G phone ever till the iphone 14 launched. But iphone 14 14 could take things to the next level with a new Apple-made modem.

8. Difference between iphone 14 and ipone 13 Look

It looks just like the new iPhone 14 pro may be a reasonably huge departure in terms of style, specs, cameras and a lot of from the iPhone 13. And even though the iPhone 14 bears heaps of alikeness to the iPhone 13, the addition of a attainable big-screen iPhone 14 gamma hydroxybutyrate to exchange the mini would be a significant deal if it happens.

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