DIGESTIVE GLANDS (basic information,its types &common diseases)

DIGESTIVE GLANDS(basic information,its types &common diseases)

Digestive glands plays an important role in Disneyland produce chemical substances which are found in various organs the common secretions is saliva as we all know which is very helpful and beneficial in lubrication and also has digestive activity The Saliva secreted by the salivary glands which present outside the buccal cavity and pour their secretions  in buccal cavity mouth is not only the organ in the digestive tract to have glands so basically the glands that secrete digestive juices which has role in digestion of food are term as digestive glands but there are  many more glands which pour  secretion in alimentary canal like salivary glands liver pancreas and intestinal gland

Digestive glands


1)salivary glands
There are 3 pair of salivary glands which produces saliva
a)parotids- it is the largest salivary gland and  present near the cheeks
b)sub maxillary/sub mandibular- it is found  at lower jaw and open through whartens duct
c)sub lingual- these are the smallest salivary glands and Found below the tongue and secrete its secretion through rivinus duct

2) liver:-
It is the largest gland of a body weightning about 1.2 to 1.5 kg in an adult human. It is situated just below the abdominal cavity below the diaphragm and it consists of two lobes ie right and left lobe. It contain hepatic cells which secretes bile which is transported to the gallbladder through a hepatic duct

Note:- the bile duct of liver and pancreatic duct of pancreas opens into duodem thtough the common hepatopancreatic duct which is guarded by a sprinter called the sphincter of oddi

It is a compound both exocrine and endocrine gland
Exocrine part secrete and alkaline pancreatic juice which contains various enzyme and endocrine part secrete hormone like insulin and glucagon

NOTE:-glissons capsule is characteristic feature of mammalian liver

It is a contagious disease caused by virus which spread through direct contact with other person through saliva nasal secretion. This condition affect the salivary glands most. The virus which caused this disease known as paramyxovirus. it occurs in the pubirty in males and some time it become more severe  after the time being it effect the testies and cause infertility we can seen it by naked eyes   swelling of the salivary glands
its treatment:- the primary treatment includes vaccine for mumps given to children’s or infants

This condition is caused when the amount of saliva decreases which result in bacterial infection

this condition is reverse of aptyalism
this condition occurs when the amount of saliva increases

4) hepatitis
This condition result with the inflammation of hepatocytes

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