Email Extractor : What is E-mail extractor and best software for email extractor

What Is An Email Extractor

Basically, An email extractor is a tool that is used to extract emails from online and offline sources. This is a program or web application that holds the power to extract emails from email accounts, websites, files, and folders.

Uses Of An Email Extractor

Now a days, almost every business uses emails to send and receive information. You can use the extractor app for collecting emails for your lead generation campaign. You can use the tool for the extraction of emails in bulk. The tool saves a lot of time involved in collecting emails. The tools can generate a large list of emails in minimum time.

Unfortunately, however, email extraction has many uses relating to spamming users including collecting emails from online social media sites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, or from search results on Google. Systems generate automated emails based on input signals received. These automated emails can be used to convey information automatically without user intervention.

Features Of An Email Extractor Tool

Email extraction tools have different options to generate emails. Most tools allow you to extract emails using keywords. Some tools also have the feature of extracting emails from different search engines. You can extract emails from search sites like Google, Ask, Bing, Yahoo, etc. An email extractor tool has many features that verify the emails and domains. Here are some common features of an email extractor tool-

Domain search

Search a website domain for email addresses and extract all emails.

Social network search

Search a social networking site for email addresses and extract all emails.

Extract from copy text

Copy and paste a portion of text, and extract all email addresses found within that portion of text.

Bulk export

Export email and contact lists in bulk by inputting specifications, saving you time manually finding, collecting, and extracting them.

Email verification

Validate email addresses for authenticity to improve your delivery, open, and response rate.

Domain validation

Identify emails that have inactive or invalid domains that are known for spam, abuse, and other mischievous behavior.

Best Email Extractor Tools

These are some best email extractor tools.

1. AutomPark Software

AutomPark Software is one of the best-rated extractor software for Windows. The application lets you extract bulk emails from different sources.You can extract emails from social media (Facebook and Twitter), websites including Yelp, and your email account. This software is paid because the free version has only limited features.

AtomPark Software Press Center


  • Search on a website or by keywords.
  • Country identification
  • Extract emails from Twitter and Facebook.
  • Extraction of contact address from email accounts.
  • Identification of the email owner’s country.


2. Email Extractor Chrome Extension

Email extractor is a Google Chrome extension that lets you extract emails from websites. The Chrome extension can extract emails automatically. You can store the email lists on your local drive or online.


  • Extract emails from websites.
  • Save email addresses online.
  • Automatic download of emails.
  • Filter duplicate email ID.

3. Cute Web Email Extractor

Cute Web Extractor is packed with a lot of valuable features. You can use this Windows-based tool to extract emails by searching addresses from Ask, Baidu, Bing, Google, Mail RU, Rambler, Yahoo, Yandex, and 60+ other search engines.

Email Extractor Scraper Grabber | Web Email Extractor


  • Extract emails from websites and search engines.
  • Rule-based email extraction.
  • Auto-save and recovery.
  • Custom email address limit.
  • Network failure detector.

4. Email Extractor 14

Email Extractor 14 is another Windows-based tool that can extract bulk emails quickly from multiple online sources. The software can search for emails from files, websites, or search engines. You can use the tool to extract emails from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Email Extractor 14 Program Review : Get an Amazing Pricing


  • Extract emails from websites and search engines.
  • Extract emails using keywords.
  • Extract emails from social media sites.
  • Free software updates.

5. Email Extractor Pro

Email Extractor is a great email extraction tool for Windows and macOS. The free version of the tool is fully functional with the limitation that you can’t save the list. You can download the Pro version if you are satisfied with the app.

Best Online Bulk Phone & Email Extractor/Finder/Scraper Software


  • Extract emails using keywords.
  • Scan websites for emails.
  • Extract emails from accounts.
  • Support PDF, Word, and Excel Files.
  • Extract emails from the URL list.


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