Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes Today 1 September 2022 : Easy Steps To Redeem Codes Now


The online game has become popular in India after the ban of Free Fire. It has been developed by 111 Dots Studio. The creators keep updating these in-game codes for players to redeem and unlock rewards daily. As of 2021, Free Fire has raised over $4 billion worldwide. Free Fire Max, a graphically enhanced game version of Free Fire, was released worldwide on September 28, 2021.

Free Fire, also known as Garena Free Fire, is a battle royale game developed by Vietnamese gaming company 111dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. It became the world’s most downloaded mobile game in 2019. In August 2021, Free Fire set a record with over 150 million daily active users worldwide. The creators keep updating these in-game codes for players to redeem and unlock rewards daily. The company has also created a separate website from which players can redeem the available codes.

Garena Free Fire Latest Redeem Codes

Garena Free Fire redemption codes for August 31, 2022 will help users unlock the diamond cheat, royal coupons and other rewards. Codes are valid until August 31, 2022.

However, once the maximum number of redemptions has been reached, a code may no longer work. Use the redemption code today and unlock resources that would otherwise be too difficult to obtain in-game.

A user can copy and paste any Free Fire Redemption Code on the Free Fire Code Redemption official website. A player must log in using the account used to register for Free Fire.


Garena Free Fire Redeem codes for 1 September 2022


  • PJO9-4TCS-M3PT 
  • S4JT-UGVJ-Y4Y4 
  • X99T-P46X-MJ4X 
  • PP11-NJN4-YS3E 
  • PP9M-J31C-XPZG 
  • PJO9-4TCS-M3PT 
  • PQZ3-BPUO-7LT7 




  • PBTU-6JPO-E8E7 
  • PLU8-HG8Z-BHT4 
  • POOP-GO8E-O49P 
  • PV4B NJ44 OT8U 
  • P4N4 P6LY OU9O 
  • PH2G YPMH E34G 
  • P7YG T1BE 446Y 
  • PJBH VPS4 TY23 
  • P87G YP3M GE6B 
  • P4J6 YUH7 6GVT 




  • FJO9-4TCS-D3FT 
  • S4JT-UGVJ-Y4Y4 
  • X99T-P46X-DJ4X 
  • FF11-NJN4-YS3E 
  • FF9M-J31C-XPRG 
  • FJO9-4TCS-D3FT 
  • PQR3-BPUI-7LT7 



  • FBTU-6JPI-E8E7 
  • FLU8-HG8R-BHT4 
  • FIIF-GI8E-O49F 
  • FV4B NJ44 IT8U 
  • F4N4 P6LY OU9I 
  • FH2G YFDH E34G 
  • F7YG T1BE 446Y 
  • FJBH VFS4 TY23 
  • F87G YF3D GE6B 
  • F4J6 YUH7 6GVT 


How to redeem these codes

  • Go to the game’s official Rewards Redemption site on Chrome.
  • Login to your account using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or VK ID.
  • Now, copy the codes mentioned above and paste them into the text box.
  • Click on Confirm to continue. You will receive the rewards in the in-game mail section. Golds or diamonds will add to the account wallet automatically.


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