Github Server down

Why Github Not Responding

Github is a provider of Internet hosting for software development and version control using Git. It is commonly used to host open-source projects. As of November 2021, GitHub reports having over 73 million developers and more than 200 million repositories.

Development of the platform began on October 19, 2007. The site was launched in April 2008 by Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath, P. J. Hyett and Scott Chacon after it had been made available for a few months prior as a beta release. GitHub has an annual keynote called GitHub Universe.

Reason Behind The 500 Error on Github

The 500 error is the internal server error. In this error, the client application gets an HTTP status code of 500 with the message “Internal Server Error” as a response for API calls. The 500 Internal Server error could be caused by an error during the execution of any policy within Edge or by an error on the target/backend server.

The HTTP status code 500 is a generic error response. It means that the server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request. This error is usually returned by the server when no other error code is suitable.

Github developers and its team is working on it and they find the solution of this problem as soon as possible. let’s watch what happen next.

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