How Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Changed in last DECADE.

What Is Cyber Security Meaning And It’s Importance In Human Life.

Cyber security, computer security and information technology security is the security of computer system and networks. It is the process of safe our computer, networks, data, mobile phones, and more electronic devices from the malicious attacks of cyber criminals. Secure the computer networks from the cyber criminals is called network security.

In present time there are many cases of cyber crime like data theft, information leak, hack networks and many more. So people should understand how to beware of cyber crime.

  • We should never give our personal information to others.
  • We should know the basic information of cyber security.
  • If we get caught in this type of situation we complain the cyber crime officers.
  • We should know the basic of cyber law.

cyber seurity

What Changes will Come In The last Decade In Cyber Security.

In last decade many of changes take part in our life. Before 2010 there are less cases of cyber crime because lack of internet in many countries. Internet is the main source of cyber crime because many cyber criminals access our devices and networks by internet. But in last few years there are huge increase in the amount of cyber crimes because the internet is very cheap and easily accessible for every one. Security is also a major reason in the increasing of the cyber crime because most of the people do not secure their network and devices.

What We Can Do If We Stuck In Cyber Crime.

  • Firstly we should not give our personal information to that person.
  • We should complain for this in cyber cells.
  • We should off our social work on internet.
  • You should freeze your bank accounts and credit cards.
  • In systems we should install the best antivirus software.
  • In devices we should have a strong password with hard combinations.

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