Impact of Technology on Human life : How technology make changes in day to day life

In future technology completely change the human life in every field. Most of the works can be done by robots, most of the technologies and jobs were AI based. Technology change everyone’s view of thinking and doing day to day works

Traffic in future.

  • In future traffic is so less or nothing, no one will stand for bus no one wait for bus in future their is no big lines behind traffic lights.
  • All the cars and personal vehicles. Will run in a underground spider tunnel where all the cars and vehicles runs so fast.

Traveling in future.

  • Traveling is future is also interesting in future you can move so fast. Trains and airplanes are much faster than they are today.
  • Traveling in air is much cheaper than today in future. Anyone can easily travel through air in future.

Food in future.

  • I have no idea about food in future but i think food in future have so many changes in future, in future food made by the robots.
  • Food loose granny recapies in future, every meal of same category have same taste in future.

Disease in future.

  • In future most of the dangerous categories diseases like cancer, tumer etc were fully extinguished due to increase in technology in medical field.
  • Future have futurestic diseases, that i have no idea about that i think no one have idea about that.

Technology is one of the major and important factor in human life. Technology helps human’s in every aspect from disease to make some work more easy to do. If humans use technology fairly then their is a day come when humans were able to achieve so much heights in research. But on other side technology also have side effects which means using of technology in wars destroying other etc.



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