How To Build a Pc Full Guide step-by-step the build pc in 2022: Pc Build Guide

HOW TO BUILD A PC : Full Guide

How to build a PC is not that much big deal but it is over-hyped by some people so here is the full guide to how to build a perfect PC.


1. Storage : It is the speed of your computer and your PC performance depends on this.

Storage is of 2 types:


Hard disk is cheap in cost but it is old and slower in comparision to SSD, HDD are old generation storage devices but if your budget you low you many go with HDD’s


SSD are 2-3 times costly than HDD’s but their speed is 2-3 times more than hard disks they are more light weight and less space occupiers

Conclusion: both HDD and SSD are better on their places but it depends on your budget which you want to buy, according to me Buying SSD is more reliable than HDD because we don’t build PC’s daily and it is future secure.


2. Graphics : Graphic card are mostly used in heavy work like Gaming, Editing, Animation etc.

Graphic card is one of your priority if you are a hardcore gamer because without a good graphic card you are not able to play games like GTA v, RDR2, HITMAN, CYBERPUNK, in high resolution and Graphic card is also useful in fields like animation, video editing and many other high performance work, so if you belong to the fields written before or a hardcore gamer then you should go a high performance graphic card.


3. Power supply : If you are going for a high performance PC you should take care of power supply to your Beast

Power supply is also one of the usefull part of a powerfull pc if you want high performance you should give proper power to your computer without any restriction, basically power supply gives power to all the devices we installed in our PC like Graphic card, Processor, Ram in equal quantity power supply also help to protect your PC from short circuits.


4.Monitor : Monitor is a screen where you see all your computer outputs

Monitor is a screen where you see all the outputs of your instruction given by you to your PC, It depends on your budget how good monitor you buy but if you are building PC first time you should go for 1080p monitor with 144hz screen.


5.Small but important components : Their are so many small components like keyboard, mouse etc.

Small components take important part in your surfing choosing good keyboard,mouse, wifi dongles etc are also so much important for excellent surfing


6.Processor : Is is the mind of your computer the speed on which you PC works.

Processor help in making your pc speed fast the instruction you give to your computer and output they give to you if you want a good and powerfull PC they don’t go below the i5 processors of intel and in amd  series 3000


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