How to Earn Money by playing BGMI : Earn money from BGMI

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How To Earn Money From BGMI

BGMI is the latest versions of PUBG mobile India. If you want to make money from BGMI then there are many ways to make money. Many players of battleground mobile India are interested to make money by this game. So if you played PUBG mobile India, then you can use these methods to make money.

1. Join Online Tournament

If you want to make money from BGMI then you can join the online tournament of BGMI. here is link of some What’sapp group links from where you can join paid and free BGMI tournaments and you can earn money.

What’sapp Group Link :-

Telegram Group Link :-


2. Start A YouTube Channel Of Gaming

YouTube is also a best platform for making money online. YouTube is a place where you can show your talent to other peoples. If you want to make money by BGMI then you record your gameplay and upload on youtube. You can also do live streams on youtube, but firstly you should have a better gaming phone to make videos or live streams. Many gamers make money from youtube by monetize their gaming channels. If you want to make monetize your youtube channel then you should have the 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time on your channel.

You can also do commentary on other videos and make shorts of others videos for making money. If you are interested in giving tips and tricks then you can give that things, many users are interested in tips and tricks. You can also guide other player on how to play.

3. Your Game Accounts

  • You should also know that you can sell your BGMI account for money.
  • Your account value is depend on your account level and your account inventory like gun skins, dresses, vehicle skins and mostly account price depend on the upgrades guns.
  • If you have many upgraded guns, then you can sell your account in high price.
  • Game titles are also a big reason of your account value you must increase your account value, if you have mythic titles like Dominator, Warlord, Crew Challenge Winner, Mythic Fashion, PUBG Supporter, RP Rank etc.
  • More seasons royal pass can also increase account value.

4. Become A Freelancer

If you are not interested in your own youtube channel, website and other things then you can do work on freelancer. This is not for gamers, but also for others who want to make money from online. We are mostly watching videos on YouTube. So there are many YouTubers who upload gaming videos. They don’t have any time to make a thumbnail. So, you can contact them and make thumbnails for their videos.

If you have an advance level knowledge of editing, then you can earn more money by video editing. So basically you need to find some gamers on youtube. And then watch their videos. If you are confident to make a better edit than them, then you can contact them.

You can also write articles on the latest topic of update of BGMI on your own or someone other’s websites. On websites, you can make much better money than other platforms.

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