How to fix lag in BGMI | BGMI not working in my phone fix solution

Lag in BGMI Problem and solutions.

BGMI : Battlegrounds Mobile India is recently released for public testing. Now everyone will able to play BGMI in android mobile phones those who pre-registered. But many were facing lag in bgmi but here you get all you want to play lag free game.

BGMI is not released for Iphone users till now but soon. Many of you were not able to download game till but soon game is publically available for everyone. This is not the issue but there are many android users and players with low end devices facing issue of lag in bgmi and bgmi is not properly not working in there phone.


Reasons why BGMI lag

Their are so many reasons why BGMI lag’s in you phone here are some written below.

  1. Low end device:- If you are playing on a phone with low RAM cheap Processor. Your phone will be considered as the low end device.
  2. Storage:- If your phone is low on space this is also a main reason for bgmi lag.
  3. Game resources:- If you were not downloaded all the available resources of Bgmi this is also a reason for lag in bgmi.
  4. Network:- This is also a reason for lag if your internet connection is not stable you phone start to lag.
  5. Temperature:- This is also a reason for lag if you live in extreme temperature conditions your phone lag while playing bgmi.


How to fix lag in BGMI

Lag is a very big problem for hardcore gamer’s who really want to play bgmi. But their phone lags but here are the solution of most of your bgmi lag issues.

solution 1 :- Game Resources

If your phone is low end device and lag’s in loading player’s in-game content like houses etc. Then you should download all the resources available there. Every resource pack has different work. Resources were also available according to devices.

If your device is a low end device then there is a option for low end resources pack when you install the game and for high end device there is a option for high end resources.

There are different types of resource packs like Classic Resource pack, Vintage resource pack, Excitement resource pack etc.


Solution 2 :- Temperature

Temperature is one of the major reason of lag in bmgi. If you are playing game in extreme conditions like high room temperature etc. In these types of conditions your phone started heating and results in lag.

If you want to solve temperature then try to use cooling fan for phone. If you can’t able to afford that then sit in position direct to air of cooler, Ac or fan.

One more reason for heating lag while playing in using or playing game while charging your phone.



Solution 3 :- Repair game

If your phone still facing lag issue after using both the above solution. Then repair your game or re-install it because some times some files of game corrupted and because of them you phone game become unstable and game started lag.


Solution 4 :- Use GFX

If any of the solutions don’t work for you than try gfx tool it is also a good option. If you use gfx there are many option’s where you can decrease quality of your game.


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