How to Fix WiFi Problem in linux- internet not working after connected with internet

How To Fix Wifi Problem In Linux

In any linux operating systems there are many problems in wifi and one of these is when we connect out device or computer with the wifi or ethernet but the internet is not work. Firstly, you should restart your computer and check it again. When you are connected with the internet but you can’t access the internet then you have many ways to get internet connection back some of these methods are given below. So follow these steps properly.

First Method To Fix Wifi Problem In Linux

  • You should do wifi setting disable and then enable.
  • First open a terminal and type command for disable wifi-
    nmcli networking off
  • Then type command for enable wifi-
    nmcli networking on
  • Then you check you internet is working or not.

Second Method To Fix Wifi Problem In Linux

If your wifi is not working after disable/enable then you use this method.  In this method you will change the resolv.conf file. This config file is our wifi directory file. So, follow these steps carefully-

  • Firstly, open a terminal.
  • Then type the command–
sudo  pluma /etc/reslov.conf

Wifi Problem In Linux

  • Then you can see the pluma page is open.
  • Type this IP in your nameserver like this photo-


Wifi Problem In Linux

  • Then save and exit pluma.
  • Now again back in the terminal and type this command-
service networking restart

Wifi Problem In Linux

  • Type your admin password and click enter.
  • Now check your internet.

After finishing these steps your wifi settings will be modified and workable. Now go and access the internet and i hope your internet service is working now.

If your wifi is still not working then go to the original website of your OS like parrot, kali and many more. There are details of many bugs, find your bugs and resolve them.

If you can not solve your problem then you have the last option that is to reinstall your operating system.

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