How to get 3$ movie tickets on National Movie Day

How to get 3$ movie ticket

The Cinema Foundation, an organization that describes itself as “dedicated to shaping the future of the great collective experience of going to the cinema and the film industry,” is offering discounted tickets on National Film Day, scheduled for next Saturday, September.

Taking place at more than 3,000 participating venues with more than 30,000 screens, the one-day event will bring viewers of all ages together to enjoy a day at the cinema with exclusive trailers and specials at Theater, with a discounted ticket of no more than $3.” the group said in a statement.

National Film Day organizers described the event as a test that could become an annual event. While other countries have experimented with a similar day of cheap movie tickets, the initiative is the first of its kind on such a large scale in the US.

“Following the unprecedented return to theaters this summer, we wanted to do something to celebrate going to the cinema,” said Jackie Brenneman, President of the Cinema Foundation. this summer and offers an extra incentive for those who have not yet returned.

National Movie Day is scheduled for the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, which has traditionally been a slow time for cinemas even before the pandemic. Fans can find participating theaters on the National Film Day website.

Labor Day weekend is traditionally one of the slowest weekends in cinemas. This year, the lull in August was particularly acute for exhibitors. Cineworld, which owns Regal Cinemas, cited a lack of major releases in its recent plans to fill post-Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

But if successful, National Movie Day could flood theaters with moviegoers, potentially enticing them to come back in the fall. Prior to each screening, ticket buyers will be shown previews of upcoming films from A24, Amazon Studios, Disney, Focus Features, Lionsgate, Neon, Paramount, Sony Pictures Classics, Sony, United Artists Releasing, Universal and Warner Bros.

This event is the first of its kind in the United States, but organizers say it could become an annual event, reports the Associated Press.

National Movie Day is the latest attempt to lure people to the cinemas. Last week, subscription service MoviePass, which had a popular pre-pandemic run to let fans watch as many movies as they wanted, announced its comeback with three plans priced at $10, $20, and $20, $30.

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