How To Get Social Media Accounts Password Back After Forgetting Them.

Password Recovery after Forgetting.

In present time mostly people are using the smart phones. Social media is the best platform that is very important in our daily life. Many people use the social media for their fun purpose. And some of them using the social media for their own work.

The main problem is sometime we forget the password of our social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. Sometimes we recover the password from the recovery options. But sometimes we are unable to recover the passwords. In that situations we have only one option to create a new account.

Only For Android

It is only for android users not for ISO users because the iphone has it’s own privacy policies. In android phones there are Google browser but the iphone has the safari browser. So both are very different.

Step By Step

Here we are explaining the hidden features of our mobile phones that hold our all social media platforms passwords if we safe that passwords. So follow these steps carefully-

1. Go To Phone Setting

  • Firstly you want go in your mobile phone setting.
  • Then scroll down and find the Google or search it.
  • Then click on the Google“.

2. Click On Auto-Fill

  • When you click on google you see the interface like this.
  • Then click on the auto-fill option.

3. Auto-Fill With Google

  • Here you can see two options.
  • Now you click on the “Auto-fill with Google” option for next step.

4. Password Option

When you click on the auto-fill options you see the interface like this.

Then you click on the “Password” option.

5. Google Account Password Manager

  • Now you can see the passwords of all your social media accounts.
  • You can only seen the passwords if you saved that passwords.
  • Here you can also edit that passwords according to yourself.

If you face any problem after follow these steps then comment below and also comment for your daily life tech problems.



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