How to get views on Youtube in 2022 : Latest tips to get views on youtube

There are so many ways to get views on youtube, youtube is a platform on which you make videos and monitize your content and earn from it. But the hardest thing is to get views on YouTube. if you want to grow your youtube channel and want to get ton’s of views read the full article and follow the steps carefully


  • Upload on regular basis to engage public and viewers on your channel.
  • Make upload time table when to upload and how much to upload in a month or a week.
  • Try to do something different to engage public.


  • Try to intract with your viewers.
  • Make poles in community post.
  • Do giveaways to engage viewers to come on your channel regularly.
  • Reply to comments on your videos.
  • Request viewers to follow you on your social media handles.


  • Try to make unique content.
  • Make content that public want to watch.
  • Make videos related to trending topics.
  • Create simple videos that were easy to understand.


  • Write proper title on your videos.
  • Make good quality and interactive thumbnails.
  • Try to do proper seo on your videos.
  • Write proper tags in tags section.
  • Use channel tags to rank your channel.

youtube is a platform where you can able to earn very easily if you consistantly upload video’s on this platform. If you really want to grow on youtube then be serious and try to upload daily until any of your videos get viral and after that make video’s related to your viral videos because people subscribed you for that particular type of videos or category.

This is a basic guide to get views on your youtube channel if you want a proper information about how to get views on youtube videos comment below i will provide you more information.



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