how to remove ads from youtube : Best ways to watch youtube ads free.

Ads are the most annoying things on youtube or on any platform. But ads are most common way to monitize your content on any platform. I know sometime ads are so much annoying for you but it is also a earning source of creators on these platform. But sometime ads are so much annoying and disturbing and everyone want’s to remove ads from youtube and want to watch ads free videos.

Best way to remove ads from youtube – The old School way.

if you want to remove ads from your youtube here is a old school way. Download any video that you want to watch on youtube just by adding ‘ss’ before ‘youtube’ into the URL of a video. For example,

If you don’t want to download the video then use alternate ways to access the youtube platform. Like – OgYoutube or many other platform’s which allow you to surf youtube without ads.

how to remove ads from youtube : The Rich way.

If you don’t want to compromise with your security then you should go for the premium version’s of youtube. Now youtube will allow you to get premium access to youtube videos where no ads at all.

youtube premium

Youtube premium version designed for best performance and ads free surfing of youtube videos. With youtube premium you can also see Youtube music and Youtube gaming premium with it.

There are many other features were given in youtube premium version like background playing of videos with sound only. And you were also able to watch many premium paid movies free to watch with premium and paid version of youtube.

Remove ads from youtube : The hacker way

If you don’t want to pay a penny to youtube or to anyone but you want to watch youtube video’s without ads. Then you should go for alternate’s of youtube where you were able to watch ad’s free youtube videos. But if you want to watch youtube video’s ads then you were going to compromise with your mobile and pc security.

But if you don’t care about your phone security and revenue made by creator’s on youtube. Then you should go for alternate app’s available on playstore or on many other app store from where you can able to download these types of apps.

The Best way to block youtube ads : Using third party software

If nothing work for you then you should use Youtube ads remover or youtube ads blocker extension from google. These extensions help you to skip ads from your videos automatically most of the time and you were going to enjoy ads free youtube videos.

youtube ads blocker free

You can able to use youtube ads remover or youtube ads blocker extension on pc/ laptops to remove ads from youtube. But if you want to remove youtube ads from your phone and tablets. Then you should use some third party apps to remove ads.

Some of third party apps which deliver’s ads free youtube videos are Snaptube, Ogyoutube etc. But if you don’t want to use third party apps then use Ads blocker aps. You were able to download ads blocker apps from playstore or from google directly by searching ads blocker apps for youtube.

Why youtube show ads on youtube videos : The viewer side

Ads are most common way of advertising from decades. Before some decades before the craze of internet or youtube or any other social media platform’s. Advertising is done on walls on TV’s or on bill boards. But now a day’s people were so much engaging to social media platform’s.

So for growing a individual bussiness or to sell or to advertise a product youtube and other social media platforms were most common.

Youtube will show ads related to our recent searches and all the data of our liked and disliked video’s that we gives to youtube by surfing it.

Removing ads from youtube is legal or not – Content creator

Removing ads from youtube is not illegal at all until you were not violating youtube polices. But Ads are most common and and only way for some creators to earn money from youtube.

why youtube show ads

Many creator’s waste so much time to earn money from youtube videos or to feed there families so i suggest you not to use ads blocker for youtube until it’s not necessary at all.


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