How to spy on others Phones : And Top 5 Tools to SPY on Others.

How To Remotely Spy On A Cell Phone

In present time, everyone wants to know about others personal life. Tech uses may not always be for a good purpose. A lot of people might end up with some not-so-good use cases, and thus their loved ones might wish to check their whereabouts, which in technical terms means spying.

It means that, knowing about someone without their permission. It is illegal and there are many laws for that. So, it is risky sometime. There are many ways to spy someone’s cell phone without his permission.

There are many websites available on internet and also many apps are available on App store or Play store for spy phones. Mostly they charge for this in normal amount. But if some websites or apps give that type of opportunity in free of cost, then be aware of them because mostly they are frauds, and they steal our data.

Reasons Behind The Spy Of Cell Phones

In present time, everyone wants to know about the details of wife, husband, brother, friend, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend,  best friends and many more without his sight. There are many more reasons for this, but we discuss on mainly reason-

spy on cellphone

1. For Fun

Sometimes our relative or friends spy our phones for fun purpose. They read our messaged and see our call logs by spying. But it is become shameful sometime because of the privacy. We keep our private data in our phone and if someone found this then they also blackmail us by that private data.

2. Parents For Their Children

parents are very careful with their children. They want to know anything about their child so, sometimes parents install some spy tools like keyloggers in their child phone for his safety. After install the keyloggers, the parents can easily remote their child phone.

3. Police For Criminals

Police use keyloggers to trace criminals. They use this tool for knowing the plan of the criminals and then catch them on the spot. It is very useful for cybersecurity.

How To Spy On Someone’s Phone Camera

There are many ways to spy someone’s phone camera. First you install spy tools in victim’s phone then access everything that you want from him. Other way is Msfvenom, it is a tool that create a malware or virus that helps you to accessing the victims phone, but it is also illegal.

How To Spy On Your Family’s Phone

Nowadays, everyone wants to know about his/her family’s life. They want to know about the Call Logs, Location(Real-Time), Browser History, Photos, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Text Messages, Contacts, Facebook etc.

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Top 5 Best Tools To Spying On Others

5 best spy tools

There are many ways for spying the cell phones, here I discuss some-

1. mSpy

mSpy is a tool or software for mobiles and computers. It supports in iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. It allows users to monitor and log activity on the client device.

mSpy Review actual price for 2021 Pros and Cons | Spy Apps Software

mSpy was launched in 2010 by a London-based tech company. It allowed parents to monitor not only smartphones but also computers in 2012. In 2013,  mSpy win the Top Ten Reviews Cell phone monitoring software award. The business grew nearly 400%, and the app’s user numbers exceeded the 1 million mark in 2014. It also launched mLite app on Google Play Store.

  • Short installation time.
  • Message monitoring.
  • Call logs.
  • Round-the-clock customer support.
  • No rooting necessary for Android devices.
  • Automatically stores information securely for you to look at later.
  • Tracks GPS location.
  • Tracks travel routes.
  • Saves deleted messages.
  • Details social media activity (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and more).

mSpy is a paid software that available on internet. There are some basic subscriptions prices-

  • 1 month – $26.99
  • 3 months – $59.99
  • 12 months – $99.99

2. FlexiSPY

Flexispy Review 2021 Pros and Cons | Spy Apps Software

FlexiSPY is one of the most advanced spy phone apps in the world. It has everything you’d expect in a phone monitoring system, and more. In order to install FlexiSPY on an iPhone or Android phone, you must jailbreak or root the device.

  • Records phone calls
  • Captures keystrokes
  • Lets you read email, SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp messages
  • Track device locations
  • Remotely turn on microphones to record conversations

It’s not cheap, however, the FlexiSPY Extreme starts at $199. This FlexiSPY review will help you decide if the extreme version of FlexiSPY is worth the money.

3. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile Review 2021 Pros and Cons | Spy Apps Software

Highster mobile is a very popular monitoring app designed to accomplish personal goals. It is designed for parents who want to keep their kids safe from cyberbullying and online predators. It is also useful for employers who need to monitor the workflow of their employees.

  • Read messages on your kid’s phone.
  • GPS location tracking.
  • View photos and videos stored in the gallery.
  • Read sent and received emails.
  • Browser history.
  • Call logs: view the time and date of each call and its duration
  • Access the target phone details and make advanced settings for calls, texts, internet, etc.
  • Take pictures from the target device.

The standard subscription costs $69.99. It comes in the form of a one-time purchase with a download warranty for one or two years.

4. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy Logo - Mobile Spy - 1650x406 PNG Download - PNGkit

Mobile Spy is a hybrid software/service which allows you to monitor smartphone usage in real time. Notify your child or employee they will be monitored. Install a small application directly onto your device that they use. The app has an optional icon which can further notify them that they are being monitored.

You can store all the details on the internet and if you want to see the result then simply login from any web browser and enter your username and password.

Note: The iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry versions have been discontinued.

  • Live control panel (View the screen, send commands, lock device, instant GPS, alarm On/Off)
  • Communication logs (Text messages, call history, Gmail, messengers, social networking)
  • GPS location
  • Media files
  • Internet (History)
  • Alerts
  • Tools

There are two subscriptions of Mobile Spy-


3 Months – $49.97

6 Months – $69.97

12 Months – $99.97


3 Months – $64.97

6 Months – $89.97

12 Months – $139.97

5. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a spy app that you can use to see the smartphone activities of your kids and to keep yourself updated with where they go and with whom they spent time with. It can be used to monitor a smartphone, tablet, and even PC.

Hoverwatch Review 2021 Pros and Cons | Spy Apps Software

  • Remain Completely Invisible
  • Text Messages and Calls
  • Facebook & Viber & WhatsApp Tracking
  • Geolocation Feature
  • Front Camera Photo
  • SIM Card Replacement
  • Track up to 5 devices
  • Phone Internet History
  • To-do list
  • Contacts
  • Android screenshots
  • Snapchat Spy

There are three subscriptions of Mobile Spy-

Personal (1 Device)

1 Months – $24.95

3 Months – $59.95

12 Months – $99.95

Professional (5 Devices)

1 Months – $49.95

3 Months – $99.95

12 Months – $199.95

Business (25 Devices)

1 Months – $149.95

3 Months – $299.95

12 Months – $499.95



Que– How to spy on your husbands or boyfriend phone ?

Solution– Nowadays everyone wants to know about his partner’s life. There are many tools for spy the phones without knowing him.


Que– How to spy on your wife or girlfriend phone ?

Solution– There are many ways to know about your partners life and spy his phone. Know about her call details and messages.


Que– How to spy on someone’s phone camera ?

Solution– For Spying someone’s camera you will access her phone or install some tools in her phone.



Que– How to spy on a phone number ?

Solution– If you want to track or spy a number then install some tools in victim’s phone.


Que– How to spy on a cell phone without installing software ?

Solution– There is no way to spy a sell without installing software.



Que– How to spy on Facebook messages free without the phone ?

Solution– If you want to spy on Facebook messages free without the phone then you must install keyloggers in victims phone.


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