Human Physiology : Components and Uses of Studying human physiology

What is Human Physiology, It’s Components and needs.

Basically human physiology denoted the human body and its components from which it is made of .As we all know the life start frok very microscopic embryo and then turns into complete body which has its own different systems which works in proper way because of this we all aree  living and you don’t want to pay for this to anyone our body does it  free for us.this study gives info about the mechanism and technique of a body which work into a continuous manner.we can also describe it in simple manner as it is the science of the alternate mechanism physical and biochemical processes throughout which occurs in our body throughout the life contionously.

Human Physiology

It also helps to learn about the basic frameworks about the health through which we can find out whether that person is suffering from any disease or any physical failures.human body form of different types of cells and these small microscopic cells from tissue from which tissue system is organised and from tissue system organs are informed and these all organs together form organ system through which your body works in a proper way and because of this management we had claim your life continuously without any failures.


Why should we have proper knowledge about Human Physiology and it’s uses in our life:-

human physiology components

Our body has so many chemical and physical processes which equality in night so that our body works non stop very few can maintain their body because most of us didn’t know about their mechanism and processes which occurs in the body. We can maintain our daily healthy lifestyle. We can maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food and by proper exercise daily basic knowledge about her body plays a very beneficial role in our survival this section is a very important role in competitive exam line need it covers most of total weightage of zoology paper. This section contains a lot of information about body and it network which gives a proper lifestyle.


1) it provides information about the normal.
2) we can easily learn about organs and body parts from the section and take proper care so that we can stay  away from diseases.
3)it helps to detect diseases because it contain information about each and every organ and its component.
4) it is right about the basic nutrition which your body requires daily so that we can eat proper food and fulfilled nutrition requirements.
5) chapter like locomotion and movement bring information about physical forms of body so that we can do proper exercise and take care of her body.


human physiology components
It includes process

1)digestion and absorpbtion :– It describe about the intake of food and the regulation of food through which or body takes energy.
2)Breathing and exchange :- It describe about the water intake of oxygen regulation in blood.
3)body fluids and circulation:- It describes about the regulation of blood through which our body circulates nutrition.
4)Excretory products and their elimination :- Describe about the use of food and release of its us through our body.
5) locomotion and movement:- It describes about the physical physiology about bones and muscles through which we can move.

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