Importance of mobile phone in human life. How mobile phone is useful

Mobile phones are new generation friend of humans which helps human to make more friends and to interact with people. Importance of mobile phone in human life is very much in 21st century specially in last 5 years usage of mobile phone, and their importance in human life increased so much.

So, here are some points why mobile phones are important in human life.
  • Mobile phones are very portable, easy to carry.
  • Mobile phones help us to interact with people which are not close to us.
  • Phones help humans to do day to day works very easily.
  • Phone is a mini computer with full of features and functions.
  • Mobile phones are very cheap and easy to buy.
  • Mobile phone provides us internet facility which helps us to stay connected with the world.


  • These devices also helps us to click photos and make videos which is very tough work before mobile phones are available.
  • Easy to use, mobile is a device which can be used by anyone, even a 4-5 year can also use mobile phones easily.
  • We can also able to listen music in mobile phone no need to carry big speakers or cd’s.
  • Power efficient, mobile phones are easy to charge, we were able to charge mobile phones anywhere in normal electric board with the help of charger.
  • Variation, Mobile phones have so much varieties , we have so many option’s to choose from in phone section.
  • Phone technology is still increasing, Phones also contains fingerprint locking system which helps us to secure our data properly.

So , above points are the reason’s why Mobile phones were important in human life, Mobile phones helps humans to make their life more easy and help to do day to day tasks easily.

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