Indian Navy Gets its First Made in India Aircraft Carrier IAC Vikrant and overall Second

On 2nd Septmber , Friday  Indian Navy gets its first made in India Aircarft Carrier . Hon’ble Primeminister Shri Narendra Modi led this Aircraft carrier to Indian Navy after Commisioning of one and half hours.

One change also made in Indian Navy. The new Flag has given to  Navy. In this flag the cross sign of Brtitsh has been removed. Now Indian flag and Ashoka Chakra is added to Indian Navy Flag, PM Narendra Modi dedicated this Aircraft Carrier to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He is also known as Father of Indian nay.

In the Below Points we will talk about Journey of making  IAC Vikrant

1.Reborn of INS Vikrant after 25 years 

On 31st January 1997, INS Vikrant was retired form Indian Navy. Now after 25 years INS Vikrant has reborn again in the form of IAC Vikrant. In 1971 war , INS Vikrant’s fighter jets destroyed the enemies base in Bangladesh’s Chitganv , Kokx market and Khulna . IAC Vikrant carrier’s Dek size is equal to two Football Ground’s size.

2. This Carrier has capacity to take 20 Fighter jets

Now India has the carrier which has capacity to carry 30 Mig29 fighter jets and 10 Helicopters. The Carrier has been made in the huge budget of 20,000 crore Rupees.

25 years before the carrier had been retired but after 1999 Kargil War . India was Required to have their own made in India Aircraft Carrier . In 2009, its construction was started . 500 Companies get together to make this carrier and they have done it.

3. This type of Carrier has available only in 4 Countries which can carry huge load

IAC Vikrant aircraft carrier  weight is about 40,000 ton . In world , only four countries USA, Russia, France and Britain have this type of Aircraft carriers.

In 2017, after the retirement of INS Viraat India has only one Aicraft Carrier INS Vikramaditya. Now after INS Vikarnt the number has again increased to two Aircraft Carriers.   

4. IAC Vikrant is the symbol of ‘Self reliance India’ (Atmnirbhar Bharat)

Increasing Army presence of China in Indian ocean IAC Vikrant is very much important to

strong the postion of Indian navy in Indian ocean. After the add on of this aircraft carrier in Indian navy it is also more important from the viewpoint of War. This Aircraft Carrier is great example of ‘Self reliance India’ and ‘Make in India’ initiative.

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