Iphone 13 Release date, Versions and Colours || iPhone13 Confirm Release Date

iPhone13 Confirm Release Date

As we all know that iPhone 13 is coming soon and it comes with many new features like a new look, battery capacity processor and many more. Add the steady drumbeat of leaks and rumors are giving us a more complete picture of what the new iPhone will look like and its top features. Another rumor, this time from DigiTimes, backed that up by claiming that Apple would hold multiple events in September.

If the iPhone 13 release date follows Apple’s pattern for previous launches and some rumors we could see this device in the last week of September 2021. According to the rumors, the pre-orders will be started of this phone before the first week of launching.

Analyst firm Wedbush has claimed in multiple reports that the iPhone 13 will launch in the third week of September. If that’s a reference to when Apple will hold its launch event, then that would square with a Sept. 24 release for the new phones. US iPhone owners say that 44% of users will want to buy the iPhone 13.


iPhone13 Versions

iPhone 13 is coming with similar iPhone 12 versions like iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 pro max. Little is expected to change from the iPhone 12, but it seems the company will be changing the design of the rear camera. It’ll seemingly have a diagonal lens arrangement on the two cheaper phones, but the design seems otherwise largely set to be similar to last year’s handsets, albeit with a slightly smaller notch.

iPhone13 Colours

According to the many rumors, Apple could be adding a new color, called “Sunset Gold” to the iPhone 13 lineup. The color is said to have a “bronze feel” and be slightly less pale than Apple’s rose gold. Apple usually replaces one of the unique colors with another to boost sales for that model.The other colors are white, black, blue, green, and (PRODUCT)RED.

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