Iphone 13 Rumor : Iphone 13 coming without charger port possibly reverse charging.

Iphone 13 rumor coming out with a latest news of Wireless coil charging in this year’s Iphone 13 lineup, Maybe apple is planning to remove charger port from iphone 13. If charger port is completly removed from iphone 13 lineup it results to improve heat management and issue’s related to heating in iphone’s.

According to rumor, In Iphone 13 there is a big physical wireless charging coil in upcoming iphone 13 series of phone’s. With the help of big wireless coil speed of wireless charging in iphone increases and maybe there is decrease in the heating while charging with wireless charger.

apple Iphone 13

And in new video from EverythingApplePro and Max Weinbach they confirm’s everything about what’s coming in iphone 13. Expectation from apple were always better to do in their products, maybe in this year’s apple launch event we were able to see iphone 13 without charger port. And a new way of fast and wireless charging with a large coil inside it.

According to their video uploaded on youtube there were also possibility, but not confirmed that, The larger wireless coil would also reverse the charging. It is very helpfull to discharge your phone or to charge other products of apple like your macbook, Airpods etc.

Everyone is super exited for this year’s apple launch, So many new products from apple will launch this year including the iphone 13 series. Rumor’s were also come out when iphone 12 launch everyone is expecting wireless charging faster and better but still they are just rumor’s.

Recently, Bloomberg reported that Apple is planning reverse charging in The next generation ipad Pro in 2022. Maybe wireless charging in ipad sense more because it comes with bigger battery and able to help other products like Airpod’s, Iphone etc, because it has really big battery compared to Iphone itself.


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