Is game hacking legal or not ? Laws of Game Hacking

What is Game Hacking

Game Hacking

Game hacking is the way to make mod of any game according to the user by changing the scripts of games. There are many changes in mod games. In many games, there are the options to buy things like dresses, weapons and many more. By using the mod games you can access all that paid things in free of cost. You can unlock all stages and levels or games by mod versions of that games.

If you want to make mod of any games or apps then you should have the knowledge of coding and languages. By knowledge of coding and programming languages, you can change the scripts of any games. You can easily change any game script according to you or user. Firstly, you should have the better PC to run the codes of games for changing in the game.

There are many websites or apps that provide the mod apps and games directly in free of cost, but they provide mostly small size games like offline games. If you want to make the mod of online games, then you should contact the coder or developer for it. Because online games data are situated in online database that is not be easy to access.

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Is Game Hacking Legal or Not?

Game hacking

As we all know that hacking is always illegal unless you have explicit authorization from the developers and the person who owns the server. Hacking of a game is legal or not depends on where you live and what the laws say about it. So you should know about the local laws of your land.

If you have the bug bounty certifications, then you can go to any gaming companies for founding bugs in their games. Many companies run their bug bounty programs, you can participate in that programs if you have certifications. They will pay you for finding in bug in their games.

It is legal when it is done purely for fun with no intention to harm, make money or cause damages. So casually modding an app by downloading and installing a mod will not result in you getting charged with any crimes.

Laws of Game Hacking

According to the Section 66 “Hacking with computer systems or unauthorised usage of computer system and network. Punishment if found guilty can be imprisonment up to three years and/or a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh”. In America and Europe there are not any laws against cheating in online games. But the hackers only have to worry about a potential lifetime ban from the game they cheated in. In some other countries game hacking is crime.

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