Jaadugar full Movie Download in High Quality || Jaadugar Movie Storyline

Jaadugar full Movie Download in High Quality

Jaadugar is a 2022 Indian sports drama film directed by Sameer Saxena. This movie is written by Biswapati Sarkar. Jaadugar movie was produced under the banner of the new established Production company Posham Pa Pictures. The film features Jitendra Kumar and Arushi Sharma in the lead role, alongside Javed Jaffrey. Jitendra kumar is lead actor in this movie.

The official announcement of the film was made in March 2021 from Netflix India. This movie should got released on 2021 but due to some issues this movie was released on 15 July 2022 via Netflix in Hindi and dubbed versions of English, Tamil and Telugu languages.

Jaadugar Movie Storyline

In this movie an aspiring magician is obsessed with the art of trickery. Yet the situations in his life make him take different turns where his skills and understanding of magic are required to be put into action in the real world. He doesn’t seem to have any prospects, and his girlfriend is the only factor dear to him besides his art. He cares very little besides getting social validation by virtue of having a girlfriend.

About the story of his father- he was a well-known local football player who had an untimely death. Such a protagonist is made to understand the value of love and the lengths one must go to earn it. He works on understanding what true love means. His growth as an individual from a relatively self-obsessed person to a caring one becomes the driving force of the story from Jaadugar.

Jaadugar Movie Cast

  • Jitendra Kumar                               Meenu Narang
  • Arushi Sharma                               Disha Chhabra
  • Javed Jaffrey                                  Pradeep Narang
  • Manoj Joshi                                    magician Chhabra
  • Raj Qushal                                       Lalli
  • Raksha Pannwar                            Dipa
  • Shoan Zagade                                 Riju
  • Sandeep Shikhar                            Ramswaroop
  • Rajiv Nema                                    Nema
  • Sameer Saxena                              Doshi
  • Rukshar Dhillon                            Iccha
  • Purnendu Bhattacharya              Avinash
  • Dhruv Thukral                              Shekhawat

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