Jio fiber review after 1 year use :Jio Fiber Pros and Cons full review

Jio fiber is a sub brand of jio aka Reliance company. Jio fiber provides upto 1gbps speed India. This is India’s first company which provides fiber connection’s. They charge 2500 rupees for installation in which they give 2 devices which have both wifi and tv router. They also have another plan in which you can only take wifi broadband with the charge of 1500 rupees.

This is India’s cheapest internet service provider with this speed, Jio fiber latest plans starts with 399 rupees in India.


Reviews for Jio fiber are really nice from me i am using Jio fiber from last 1 year. In starting they give 1 month free trial to use and test the speed of internet their all services in which you can surf high speed internet, watch high quality videos, get super download speed.

All the plans have different features if you buy 399 rupees plan you will get 30 mbps speed. And if you buy 8,499 rupees plan you will get 1gbps speed with all features. In this features you will get the free access of all the OTT platforms like netflix, amazon prime etc.

You can surf 4k videos easily in base plan and their service is decent but sometimes it lags, if you complain your query to complaint office sometime they take some time to solve your problem but most of the time it is good in services.

According to me you can easily go for jio fiber this is decent service provider with good internet speed. It also have zero latency to play games in good pings and i also stream some times on my gaming channel. Amd also use it while playing games on phone and at the same time watching video’s on another phone or device.

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