Keyboard Related Problems And Its Solution: Fix It By Your Own


A keyboard is a typewriter-style device on a computer or laptop. It is intelligently used in computing with its buttons or keys. Because of major chunk of paper works are possible with a computer. The keyboard has become the main input device for computers and laptops. No doubt, problems in it can frequently occur. There are several problems in the wired keyboard are occurred such as –

1. The keyboard is not detected.

2. Some or a particular key on the keyboard does not work.

3. Wrong characters appear when you type.

4. The keyboard shortcuts do not work properly or at all.

5. No character appears when you type Mini USB Wireless Keyboard Small Computer Wireless Keyboards Slim Compact External Keyboard for Laptop Tablet Windows PC Computer Smart TV by AODOOR, Black: Computers & AccessoriesSolutions of the keyboard-related problems 

  1.  If the keyboard is not functioning at all, ensure that it is well connected to the computer or not. We should check all the keyboard plugs to make belief if there are no loose connections. Also, try to connect the keyboard to your computer by using a different USB port.
  2.  Also make it sure that the keyboard is connected to the right port or not because the ports appear identical but have different functions.
  3.   Make it confirm if the keyboard PS/2 connector may not be bent, broken, or missing. 
  4.  Check that the keyboard works in the system configuration utility. If we find so, load the default settings and then save the settings and exit the utility. 
  5.  Sometimes it happens that the keyboard works during the POST or the system utility, but does not in the operating system. In this situation, we should check software logs for device driver errors. 
  6.  Ensure that there is no fault in the port by connecting another keyboard. If the replacement is working, then another keyboard is defective. Actually, sometimes, the port does not function.
  7.  We can also check the keyboard by connecting it to another computer. It is working on another computer, then the keyboard is not defective.
  8. Verify that the computer meets the minimum operating system and hardware requirements of the keyboard.

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However, note that the above Methods are mainly practiced when the keyboard is not working. Do not dare to connect or disconnect any of the keyboard connections from the computer while it is powered on. It may cause permanent damage to the computer and peripherals. If these procedures do not apply to fix the keyboard issues, we must visit a reputable computer repair service provider. Lots of tech support service providers are available in the market. Their certified and skilled engineers can easily resolve keyboard problems.

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