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KLEO Review and Full Series download in hd

may be biased as I am a middle aged German. I am used to a lot of bull from my country. But this one has a nice pace, good story, some slapstick, it is well thought through and has a great production value. It is way over a believable state but it is totally entertaining to watch. A wild ride with good actors. I hope the localizations can translate this to a wide audience. Just relax and have fun.

Good production and acting, just way too condensed for eight episodes. Maybe it started with a Villanelle-like character circa ’89 Germany concept, and the first few episodes showed a lot of promise, but it quickly went off on short-lived tangents that could have been developed over multiple seasons. So, you get something quite rushed, albeit enjoyable enough for a binge with no expectations or serious investment in characters. It’s just a shame since there is a lot of potential with the time period and setting.

KLEO Series Storyline

The GDR spy Kleo (Jella Haase) killed a businessman in West Berlin in 1987, but was soon arrested by the Stasi. She is released after spending two years in prison. The wall has fallen and Kleo realizes that she is in the middle of a great intrigue. She goes on a campaign of revenge, always followed by the West Berlin police officer Sven. There are total eight episodes in this web series.

KLEO Series Cast

  • Jella Haase                                                                             Kleo
  • Dimitrij Schaad                                                                     Sven
  • Julius Feldmeier                                                                    Thilo
  • Marta Sroka                                                                          Anja
  • Vincent Redetzki                                                                  Uwe Mittig
  • Vladimir Burlakov                                                                Andi Wolf
  • Thandi Sebe                                                                         Jenny
  • Yun Huang                                                                            Min Sun
  • Alessija Lause                                                                      Anne Geike
  • Steffi Kühnert                                                                       Margot
  • Rodrigo Rojo                                                                        Jorge Gonzalez
  • Jürgen Heinrich                                                                    Otto Straub
  • Lisa Hrdina                                                                          Jutta Zelinski
  • Alexander Hörbe                                                                  Ludger Wieczorek
  • Markus von Lingen                                                              Gunther Rossbach Ausbilder Nahkampf
  • Simon Eckert                                                                        Joachim Schmitt
  • Kathrin Angerer                                                                   Gabriela Wieczorek
  • Jan Geburtig
  • Toni Pons Vera                                                                     Cab driver Juan Carreras
  • Harry Schäfer                                                                       Alexander Below
  • Robin Czerny                                                                       Frank Kramer
  • Christian Intorp                                                                    Dr. Heinz Berndorf
  • Björn Harras                                                                        Policeman
  • Martin Stange                                                                      Wolfgang Michalzik

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