Know why Sky internet was down for thousands of customers across the UK

As more people live their work and personal lives at home and on the internet, they are increasing the load, with huge amounts of data streaming through and out of our homes every single day.That’s okay, provided that the connections are working. Although they’ve largely escaped the majority of the changes in the way that users make use of on the web, they can encounter difficulties – and, in those instances, they may be confusing and confusing.

This is why it’s beneficial to be able to answer the quick and simple question: is there something wrong with the internet or is it simply you? It’s a question that is usually discovered fairly quickly.

Sky’s recent outages serve as an indication of how our dependence to the web can create life interesting, but also quite difficult in the event that it’s not able take on the demand. Here’s what you can do if you too are an Sky customer and discover that your internet service isn’t functioning properly.

If your internet is down the most obvious and most annoying solution is typically the first to try: turning off and back on. This is applicable in the initial instance for your router, however restarting your device using to connect to the internet could help as well.

why Sky internet was down for thousands of customers across the UK

Many thousands of Sky Broadband customers have complained that they can’t connect today afternoon.

After midday, there was a massive surge in the number of people reporting their internet connections being cut off across the nation.

It’s unclear what’s causing the problem which was first it was reported on Downdetector the website that monitors outages on the internet.

One unhappy user posted”Hi, is there an outage of the internet across Scotland? It appears that all my coworkers have the same problem all over Edinburgh.’

Another one added: ‘Sake. the sky internet is not working. I was enjoying Schumacher! Find a solution.’

Just after 1pm or shortly after 1 pm, Sky Help Team tweeted:  We are looking into the issue that is Sky Broadband and Talk affecting certain users who live in East as well as Central Scotland. We apologize for any inconvenience it may be creating.

Sky outage and reported problems map

A large bulk of complaints are coming from Edinburgh and London 

The majority of complaints on the internet are coming from Scotland especially in Edinburgh.

However, others have been created in several locations such as Manchester, London, Birmingham, Derby, Southampton, Sheffield and Stoke-on-Trent.

In the group of people who reported downtimes on Downdetector, 98 percent reported that their internet was down. 22% of them said their television was not working, and 1% experienced a total blackout.

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