Mercedes-Benz will soon launch classics EQE electric sedan with an impressive 400-mile range

Mercedes-Benz announces the production version of EQE, their new E-Class-size electric sedan with a 400-mile range.

Mercedes-Benz is known for its top-down approach to the release of new electric vehicles.

This is especially true for sedans.

It began with the top-of-the-line EQS. This is competing against its S-Class and electric competitions such as the Tesla Model S.



The smaller EQE was already announced by the automaker, but the company is now revealing the production version of the EQE ahead of the IAA Mobility Show in Munich.

The EQE has a sporty ‘purpose’ design with all the hallmark elements of Mercedes-EQ. It also features one-bow lines, cab-forward design and Mercedes-EQ. Sensual Purity can be seen in the generously designed surfaces, reduced joints and seamless transitions (seamless) The front ends and overhangs are kept to a minimum. A sharp spoiler at the rear adds dynamic interest. The EQE’s athletic appearance is given by the 19- to 21 inch wheels that are flush with the body.

This is the final design for the Mercedes-Benz EQE Electric Sedan:


It is reminiscent of the EQS, as Mercedes continues to use a similar design language in its electric vehicles.

It is certainly smaller, with a 90 millimetre (3.5”), shorter wheelbase, and overall dimensions that are similar to an E-Class.

The E-Class interior dimensions are larger than the E-Class because the electric architecture takes up less space than an internal combustion engine-powered drivetrain.

The interior design is very similar to the one we saw in the larger EQS.

Mercedes-Benz interiors are renowned for their luxurious and comfortable interiors.

The powertrain specifications are as good or better than the production specs.

The battery’s usable energy content is 90 kWh and its range of up to 666 km 1according WLTP makes it ideal for touring. At market launch, the model range will include den EQE 350 (power consumption according to acc. to WLTP: 19.3-15.7kWh/100 km; CO 2 emissions : 0 g/km).1 with 215kW and a second model. There are plans for performance variants of around 500 kW.

Mercedes-Benz could not fit as much of a battery in the EQ powertrain. However, it was still a substantial 90 kWh which should get you about 400 miles on an EPA cycle.

The DC charging power is 170 kW.

The EQE has many of the same features as the EQS. It uses the Hyperscreen, Hepa filter and other technology.


Mercedes-Benz EQE software can be also updated remotely and comes with the latest driver-assist features from the German automaker.

For deliveries later in the year, production is expected to begin at the Mercedes-Benz plant Bremen.

Although they have not yet announced a price, it will likely be comparable to the E-Class which starts at $55,000 US.

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