Michael Jackson planned his own death : Reason behind the death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson planned his own death

Friends, you must have also heard the name of that famous personality, yes we are talking about Michael Jackson!!! There is hardly anyone who is not known to Michael Jackson. Such a person, around whom there was always a line of doctors, so what happened after all that Michael had to say goodbye to the world at the age of 50. You will be surprised to know that Michael wished for a long life but still he had to say goodbye to the world. Michael Jackson was born in the small town of Gary in the Indiana province of America. He was the 8th child of his parents. It is said that he was interested in music since childhood and for this reason he joined his brother’s pop group in the year 1964, which was named Jackson Five. Michael Jackson got worldwide recognition when in the year 1982, he had an album, which was named Thriller. This album created a new history. This is the best selling album of all time.

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Michael Jackson faked his own death to escape financial trouble
Some theories have suggested that the King of Pop, who, at that time, was heavily in debt, wanted to flee from his creditors. However, the Los Angeles coroner’s office had carried out a post-mortem and confirmed that the body was that of Jackson.

Is Micheal Jackson is Still alive

Michael Jackson wanted to be immortal, but he was also afraid that many wanted to kill him. All these things have been revealed in the book ‘Bad: An Unpredicted Investigation into the Michael Jackson Cover Up’ based on his life. It is said that Michael Jackson wanted to live 150 years. For this he always slept on oxygen beds. It is said that Michael Jackson had appointed 12 doctors at his home to take care of himself, who regularly examined Michael Jackson from head to toe. Not only this, he had also hired 15 people to exercise. Apart from this, he used to wear gloves before shaking hands with anyone and put on a mask before going among people. There was an uproar in the social media due to the news of his death. Social networking sites like Internet, Twitter had crashed all over the world including America. His family members had accused him of murder, due to which Michael’s post-mortem was done twice. But no information was found. It was told that he died of an overdose of a drug called the powerful anesthetic Profol.

It was also said that Michael Jackson was addicted to drugs. Authorities declared his death a homicide and charged his physician with giving him the powerful drugs that would kill him. Dr. Conrad Murray would later be convicted. There would be a legal battle over his estate and money, and more recently, new allegations that he sexually abused children . Through the night and morning, Jackson receives a series of drugs meant to help him sleep, officials would later say. Murray, officials said, gave him those powerful drugs. Jackson is found unresponsive later. Jackson is rushed to a hospital by Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics, who found him in cardiac arrest and not breathing. Efforts to revive him are unsuccessful.

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