Moroccan desert : In this desert, the ghosts play melodious music !!! Big Mystery

In this desert, the ghosts play melodious music !!! Big Mystery

There are many such places in the Moroccan desert, where people keep hearing mysterious music. Similar music was heard by many centuries ago. All those instruments, including drums, guitar, violin, whose melody dissolves the taste in the ears. If you hear this, then it is not surprising, but if these sounds are coming from a desert where the silence has spread far and wide. Where there is no human being , not an animal, bird or even a drop of water, then there will be surprise and fear. People believe that such music has been heard for centuries due to ghosts and spirits In the desert of Morocco, people and birds are not seen far and wide, but music is always heard in this mysterious desert. Here the melodies emanating from drums, guitar, violin or other instruments are heard.

Moroccan desert : In this desert, the ghosts play melodious music !!! Big Mystery

According to some people, ghosts may do this to scare passers-by. Everyone is surprised to hear this music heard in the desert areas. Some people have been trying to know the real reason behind such music for a long time, but till now no one has been able to find the real reason behind such mysterious music. here are not one or two such places in the Moroccan desert. Where the melodious melody of music is heard. Where it is difficult to stay even for a few moments on the hot sand, such sounds are really surprising. This story is not of today or a year or two, but of decades. When the traveler Marco Polo first arrived here in the 13th century, he had also heard such sounds, only then he had inferred that this work was done by spirits. Anyone who passes through these routes hears these sounds and soon starts trying to run away from there.

Today’s generation does not believe in ghosts or spirits and they should not even do so, but the heads of these young people are baffled when even scientists cannot solve the entangled mysteries of wandering souls or ghosts. There are many such places in the world where human beings tremble as soon as they leave. For years, these places have been inhabited by spirits, which gives proof of their presence to the people who come and go all the time. One such strange phenomenon has been happening in the Moroccan desert for centuries. Scientists have solved the mystery of hundreds of years old.

To solve this mystery, scientists took the initiative and they also got success. After long-term tests in the lab, it was found that when sand slips under sand dunes formed in the desert, this music is produced by the vibrations during this time. The size of the sand particles is also responsible for this mysterious sound. All these processes produce the sound of music in the atmosphere when a normal wind blows. Somewhere the density of sand is more, somewhere due to wind the sand moves faster, due to these reasons different musical tunes come out. Now you do not need to be afraid or be surprised, scientists have found this answer.

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