NUSA Pubg Mobile New map Release Date : Everything about new Pubg map Nusa


PUBG Mobile new map : Nusa

This is very intresting thing that PUBG mobile finally comes with a new map Nusa. PUBG mobile has announced a new map Nusa during thr day two of the PMPL country finals. According to the rumors it is the second mobile-exclusive PUBG map. This Nusa map is going to be pretty different from all of the other ones in the game right now. Nusa map will be released sometime in September.

Size of Nusa Map

According to the rumors Nusa map is the smallest PUBG mobile map ever. The size of this map will just 1×1 kilometers. This map is half of livik map and 1/8 of Erangle map.

According to the rumors of the casters in the PMPL revealed that nusa map have some exciting places for players to explore such as a secret cave, a mansion with three swimming pools, and a Monster Truck.

What is the meaning of Nusa

Nusa is basically use for an island. A area of land completely surrounded by water is known as Nusa.

Upcoming Guns and Vehicles in Nusa Map

In upcoming map Nusa there are lots of new things come with it. according to the rumors there is a monster truck coming in this new map Nusa. It ia a small map that contains a new weapon for players to try out. The NS 200 is an upcoming shotgun but nothing about it has been revealed yet.

Nusa map In PUBG beta

While this is the first time Tencent has confirmed that Nusa is coming to PUBG Mobile, the new map was playable in a recent beta of the game, though. Several YouTubers have made videos on the new map and have shown players what to expect. By the appearance of it, Nusa seems to be a fine looking tropical island with lush vegetation in some areas, high cliffs, and picturesque beaches.

It contains options that haven’t been seen on alternative maps. This includes a hot air balloon, windmills, a Ferris wheel, and fancy structures. It even contains a carry in some buildings to require players up and down whereas they rummage around for loot.


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