pubg september update l How To Fix lag In PUBG After September update

How To Fix lag In PUBG After September update

PUBG’s latest update includes a wholly new map, new graphical settings, a skin-crafting workshop, and alternative changes to progression. the newest version conjointly adds universal charms, a revised mastery system, and an oversized list of bug fixes and performance enhancements.

In present time the pubg and bgmi size becomes bigger day by day and it is the main reason of lagging. In spetember update there are many ways to fix lag in pung but after the update of version 1.6 things are becoming complicated. Some people have higher devices but most people have lower devices like 30-40 FPS( Frame Per Second). Some people use the GFX tools and Flashdog but sometimes it’s not working properly and that’s why people use the 90 fps config file for a better gaming experience.

Reason Behind The PUBG And BGMI Lag

  • Overheating of your mobile phone.
  • Playing pubg game while charging.
  • Playing pubg at a lower battery than 10%.
  • Insufficient storage in your device.
  • Unstable pings.
  • Lower graphics setting.
  • Increasing Caches.

How To Download 90 FPS Config File In PUBG after September update

Lower devices do have not a good gaming experience but 90 fps config files make it easier to play in a better graphic setting on lower devices. It changes your original files in mod files and you will play smooth gameplay after using it. It unlocks all graphic settings in lower devices.

By using this configuration you enjoy and develop the best graphics settings. HDR mode is also available on the head at 90 frames per second, which of course you can also use in the most extreme conditions if your display runs at 60 Hz

Here is the link of the 90 fps config file. In this file, you can access 90 fps option in all graphic settings and no grass feature. This file is fully antiban and risk-free but I did not recommend you to use this file in your main ID.

Click here to download

How To Apply 90 FPS Config File after september update in PUBG

There are some steps for applying the 90 fps config file. Please follow these steps line to line-

1. Firslty download the 90 fps file from the download link.

2. Now download Cx File Explorar app form play store for custamizatio.

3. Now open the cx file exploror app and go to the Android/data/com.pubg.imobile/file/UE4game/ShadowTrackerExtra/ShadowTrackerExtra/Saved/packs.

4. There is a res_pufferpatch_1.6.0. 15533.pak file of approx 4 MB, Select and copy this file name.


5. Now delect this file and make a new folder with this name (res_pufferpatch_1.6.0. 15533.pak).


6. Now go to downloads and check the file that you downlod. Open this file and copy all the source code.


7. Now go to the Android/data/com.pubg.imobile/file/UE4game/ShadowTrackerExtra/ShadowTrackerExtra/Saved/Config/Android.

8. Open UserCustom.ini file that is in the last of android folder.

9. Now open Usercusttom.ini file and paste the source code upside the [Backup DeviceProfil ]. 


10. You must copy paste that file every time when you relauch your game.

11. Now your 90 fps file and no grass file is working properly.

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