Royalteen Movie Review and Full Movie download in hd : Royalteen Movie Storyline and Cast

Royalteen Movie Review and Full Movie download in hd

watched totally blind expecting it to be a light hearted royalty teen romcom similar to “Prince and Me” or “Royal Treatment” but it wasn’t (not necessarily a bad thing). I was surprised to see them add in more delicate topics a teenager may face. It wasn’t some masterpiece twist but it does at least separate its characters from the usual. They have high consequence actual flaws and issues like dealing with social stigma… it’s not just sunshine and rainbows.

However the execution of everything else was lackluster. Pacing was horrible. Instead of focusing on the whole of the story they chose to highlight the “romance” part that it overshadowed the struggles of the characters because it was all about the romance that was basically non-existent here because they didn’t really give it time to mature and create chemistry. They just fell in love for some reason we didn’t not see nor feel.

Royalteen Movie Storyline

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