SherShaah movie’ in trouble, Kashmiri journalist alleges , used my car number, threat to life

SherShaah’ in trouble, Kashmiri journalist alleges , used my car number, threat to life

Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani starrer ‘Shershaah’ has touched the hearts of people. There were tears in the eyes of all the people seeing the story of Captain Vikram Batra’s bravery. After several months of its release on OTT, the film is now in trouble. It seems that Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani-starrer Shershaah that released on Amazon Prime Video recently, has now landed in a legal soup. The film, which is based on the short life of Captain Vikram Batra, was well received by the audience, with Sidharth’s acting receiving rave reviews. However, as per the latest reports, Shershaah has landed in trouble for using a car number plate belonging to someone else.

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The film is a fictive retelling of the life of Kargil hero Captain Vikram Batra and even uses live footage of the late soldier towards the end of the film. Faraz Ashraf, a Kashmiri journalist, has reportedly stated that his life is in danger since the makers of ‘Shershaah’ have used the license plate of his car and depicted it as a vehicle driven by militants . Kashmiri reporter claims Shershaah showed his car number plate on terrorist’s vehicle Faraz Ashraf, a Kashmiri journalist, has claimed that Dharma Productions used his car’s number plate on a vehicle driven by terrorists in the movie ‘Shershaah’. He shared a picture of his car on Twitter . Stating that ” Bollywood has only produced propaganda movies against Kashmir ” , Ashraf added that he will take legal action . Well Faraz wrote on Twitter, ‘Me and my family are getting threats.

I can’t walk by car because it doesn’t feel safe. I have not given permission to any production house to use my registered number. Now I have decided that I will fight against Dharma Movies which will stop the broadcast of the film across the country . The journalist further wrote, ‘The makers copied Mary’s registered number and used it in the film. I am filing a case against the production house. Let us tell you, ‘Sher Shah’ has been directed by Vishnuvardhan. Well, this might have been a creative decision taken by the makers but this is not the first time that Bollywood directors have taken such liberty in using private details of a person without their permission.

Apart from this , Kiara Advani plays Vikram Batra’s love interest Dimple Cheema in the film. Kiara Advani, who essayed the role of Vikram Batra’s love Dimple Cheema in the war drama, had revealed that she had met Dimple before starting the film. Speaking about their meeting, Kiara had shared, “She gave me an insight into her mind and her heart which then helped me emote better on screen. It was Vishal Batra, Captain Vikram Batra’s twin brother, who helped us meet each other. I wanted to understand her closely and emulate her as close to reality as I could. We incorporated Punjabi dialogues because she is from Punjab. It was an overwhelming and emotional experience for me to play Dimple.”

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