Social Media culture : Asia’s No 1 youtuber Carryminati new video on social media culture

Asia’s No 1. youtuber Carryminati released his new video on youtube today. This time carryminati completely changed the face of influencing this is a type of influencing or a influencer’s country want in this video he explain about social m.

So here is the explaination of carryminati’s new video Social media Culture.

What is Social Media Culture

Social media culture is a type of culture where we see big influencer’s and rich people and try to be like them. But this is a harsh truth that very few of us will able to get at that position. In this world of social media culture everyone want’s to make money travel around the world and chilling with girl. But when we influenced from any of the big youtuber of a celebrety we try so hard to become like them. Some time we achieve some success but we were not happy with that success and try to compare that success with more successful people than us this is what we call a Social Media Culture

According to carryminati line between social media and real life is very thin. In this world if you want to make a perfect balance between social media and real life it’s really very hard. According to carry our opinion depend’s on situation’s and platform’s. If we were texting someone on tinder we were trying to ask someone about a thing which is prohibited or not accepted by our community. But on the other hand if we ask something related to people’s sentiment’s and there emotion’s towards someone they try to judge that person according to there own prespective.

I know you don’t understand what he want’s to say her so here a example to explain you. Suppose if you like some thing and another person also like same thing you think you both have same opinion’s and you become the supporter or fan of that person. But in other hand if a person hate the thing you like you were going to hate that person without a reason.

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